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librg - 🚀 Build simple and fast cross-platform multiplayer

  •    C

Many people think that implementing networking solution for your game project is the most complicated and time consuming task. We believe many people are afraid to even try, which results in the fact, that you almost never see small games made by indie developers having any type of networking involved. Thus we hope that with this library, which is just a small step in the direction, we might help anyone and everyone who wants to add a multi-player capabilities inside one's game.

enet - ENet implementation in Erlang/OTP

  •    Erlang

A complete re-implementation of the ENet protocol in Erlang/OTP. The module enet presents the API of enet.

enet-npm - ENET npm module

  •    C

ENet's purpose is to provide a relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The primary feature it provides is optional reliable, in-order delivery of packets. Copyright © 2013-2015 Mokhtar Naamani.

otrtalk - OTR p2p chat

  •    Javascript

OTRTALK is a command line based chat application. Unlike most instant messenger applications it doesn't rely on centralised servers. Instead it utilises a DHT (Distributed Hash Table) similar to BitTorrent, called telehash. There is also experimental support for discovery of buddies over mainline BitTorrent DHT network. Other discovery protocols will be added in future, with more focus towards privacy preserving protocols.

NazaraEngine - Nazara Engine is a fast, complete, cross-platform, object-oriented API which can help you in your daily developper life

  •    C++

Nazara Engine is a fast, complete, cross-platform, object-oriented API which can help you in your daily developper life. Its goal is to provide a set of useful classes : Its core provides unicode strings, filesystem access, hashs, threads, ... It also provide a set of libraries, such as audio, network, physics, renderer, 2D and 3D graphics engines, ...

enet-tutorials - ENet tutorials/examples for D programming language

  •    D

This is a collection of ENet tutorials and examples written in D programming language. Simple client/server example. It has Server and Client structs with some convenience methods. To build use dub build :tut01.

sock.lua - A Lua networking library for LÖVE games.

  •    Lua

sock.lua is a networking library for LÖVE games. Its goal is to make getting started with networking as easy as possible. * If custom serialization support is needed, look at setSerialization.