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react-native-ble-plx - React Native BLE library

  •    Javascript

React Native Bluetooth Low Energy library using RxBluetoothKit and RxAndroidBle as it's backend libraries. Documentation can be found here.

Home Assistant - Home Automation that puts local control and privacy first

  •    Python

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. Home Assistant integrates with over a thousand different devices and services. Once started, Home Assistant will automatically scan your network for known devices and allow you to easily set them up.

open-sustainable-technology - Listing of worldwide open technology projects preserving a stable climate, energy supply and vital natural resources


A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, and vital natural resources. Our ambition is to list all sustainable, open and actively maintained sustainable technology projects worldwide. Your contribution is necessary to keep this list alive, increase the quality and to expand it. Read more about its origin and how you can participate in the contribution guide, community chat, presentation slides and related blog post. Please contact us to give feedback, hints and ideas for OpenSustain.tech or create an issue.

PyPSA - PyPSA: Python for Power System Analysis

  •    Python

PyPSA stands for "Python for Power System Analysis". It is pronounced "pipes-ah". PyPSA is a free software toolbox for simulating and optimising modern power systems that include features such as conventional generators with unit commitment, variable wind and solar generation, storage units, coupling to other energy sectors, and mixed alternating and direct current networks. PyPSA is designed to scale well with large networks and long time series.

scaphandre - ⚡ Electrical power consumption metrology agent

  •    Rust

Scaphandre [skafɑ̃dʁ] is a metrology agent dedicated to electrical power consumption metrics. The goal of the project is to permit to any company or individual to measure the power consumption of its tech services and get this data in a convenient form, sending it through any monitoring or data analysis toolchain. Scaphandre means heavy diving suit in 🇫🇷. It comes from the idea that tech related services often don't track their power consumption and thus don't expose it to their clients. Most of the time the reason is a presumed bad ROI. Scaphandre makes, for tech providers and tech users, easier and cheaper to go under the surface to bring back the desired power consumption metrics, take better sustainability focused decisions, and then show the metrics to their clients to allow them to do the same.

Energy-Languages - The complete set of tools for energy consumption analysis of programming languages, using Computer Language Benchmark Game

  •    C

This repo contains the source code of 10 distinct benchmarks, implemented in 28 different languages (exactly as taken from the Computer Language Benchmark Game). It also contains tools which provide support, for each benchmark of each language, to 4 operations: (1) compilation, (2) execution, (3) energy measuring and (4) memory peak detection.

Energy Efficiency Calculator Webpart


Understanding how energy is used in your home is the first step toward managing your energy costs. Enter how many of each item you have in each room and the approximate hours per week that the item is used. the calculator will estimate you energy costs in a month.

Raspberry-Pi-Electricity-Monitor - Software for monitoring the electricity consumption of a home with a Raspberry Pi

  •    Python

Update: Maplin have discontinued the electricity monitor used here.Copy the www folder to /var for httpd to host and the python file to anywhere. Install pyserial with apt and plug in the receiver.

cortana-intelligence-energy-demand-forecasting - Energy industry solutions using the Cortana Intelligence Suite with end-to-end walkthrough


Accurately forecasting spikes in demand for products and services can give a company a competitive advantage. The better the forecasting, the more they can scale as demand increases, and the less they risk holding onto unneeded inventory. Use cases include predicting demand for a product in a retail/online store, forecasting hospital visits, and anticipating power consumption.This solution focuses on demand forecasting within the energy sector. Storing energy is not cost-effective, so utilities and power generators need to forecast future power consumption so that they can efficiently balance the supply with the demand. During peak hours, short supply can result in power outages. Conversely, too much supply can result in waste of resources. Advanced demand forecasting techniques detail hourly demand and peak hours for a particular day, allowing an energy provider to optimize the power generation process. This solution using Cortana Intelligence enables energy companies to quickly introduce powerful forecasting technology into their business.

dash-oil-and-gas-demo - Dash Demo App - New York Oil and Gas

  •    Python

This is a demo of the Dash interactive Python framework developed by Plotly. Dash abstracts away all of the technologies and protocols required to build an interactive web-based application and is a simple and effective way to bind a user interface around your Python code.


  •    Jupyter

Early prototype for the Neural NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) software. This software will be completely re-written as the Neural NILM project. This is the software that was used to run the experiments for our Neural NILM paper.

AndroidApp - Emoncms Android app

  •    Java

View MyElectric Emoncms dashboards from http://emoncms.org or any other Emoncms server. Emoncms is an open-source web application for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data and is part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project.

node-nRF8001 - node.js support for the Adafruit nRF8001 breakout board

  •    Javascript

node.js support for the Adafruit Bluetooth Low Energy nRF8001 breakout board. This module also works with the Adafruit BLE Friend nRF51822 board. Other nRF800x and nRF51822 board may also work.

gyver - command-line inteface for people who need inspiration

  •    Javascript

Gyver is a command-line inteface for people who need inspiration when designing/developing in their terminal.

gcam-core - GCAM -- The Global Change Assessment Model

  •    C++

The Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI) is the home and primary development institution for GCAM, an integrated assessment tool for exploring consequences and responses to global change. Climate change is a global issue that impacts all regions of the world and all sectors of the global economy. Thus, any responses to the threat of climate change, such as policies or international agreements to limit greenhouse gas emissions, can have wide ranging consequences throughout the energy system as well as on land use and land cover. Integrated assessment models endeavor to represent all world regions and all sectors of the economy in an economic framework in order to explore interactions between sectors and understand the potential ramifications of climate mitigation actions. GCAM has been developed at PNNL for over 20 years and is now a freely available community model and documented online (See below). The team at JGCRI is comprised of economists, engineers, energy experts, forest ecologists, agricultural scientists, and climate system scientists who develop the model and apply it to a range of science and policy questions and work closely with Earth system and ecosystem modelers to integrate the human decision components of GCAM into their analyses.

BuildingSystems - Modelica BuildingSystems library

  •    Modelica

This is the development site for the Modelica BuildingSystems library and its user guide. Instructions for developers are available on the wiki. The Modelica BuildingSystems library is a free and open-source library for energy-related building and plant simulation.

Energy-Calculator - 🌏 Simple Energy-Calculator Script In Python

  •    Python

Just fill an issue and describe it. I'll check it ASAP! or send an email to sepand@qpage.ir. Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

power-wheel-card - An intuitive way to represent the power and energy that your home is consuming or producing

  •    HTML

An intuitive way to represent the power and energy that your home is consuming or producing. This component is a custom card for the Lovelace UI of Home Assistant. The component is discussed here on the Home Assistant forum. There's also a wiki on GitHub.

energy-data - Data on energy by Our World in Data

  •    Python

Our complete Energy dataset is a collection of key metrics maintained by Our World in Data. It is updated regularly and includes data on energy consumption (primary energy, per capita, and growth rates), energy mix, electricity mix and other relevant metrics. We will continue to publish updated data on Energy as it becomes available. Most metrics are published on an annual basis.