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moment - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.Moment 2.10.0 does not bring any new features, but the code is now written in ECMAScript 6 modules and placed inside src/. Previously moment.js, locale/*.js and test/moment/*.js, test/locale/*.js contained the source of the project. Now the source is in src/, temporary build (ECMAScript 5) files are placed under build/umd/ (for running tests during development), and the moment.js and locale/*.js files are updated only on release.

director - a tiny and isomorphic URL router for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Director is a router. Routing is the process of determining what code to run when a URL is requested. A routing library that works in both the browser and node.js environments with as few differences as possible. Simplifies the development of Single Page Apps and Node.js applications. Dependency free (doesn't require jQuery or Express, etc).

plax - JQuery powered parallaxing

  •    Javascript

Plax is a jQuery plugin that makes it suuuuuper easy to parallax elements in your site based on mouse position. You can see it implemented in many places throughout GitHub, including the 404 page, the 500 page, and the about page. I've also used a modified version to parallax a URL. In the <head> of your document, link both jQuery and plax.

bean - an events api for javascript

  •    Javascript

Bean is included in Ender's starter pack, "The Jeesh". More details on the Ender interface below. Bean has five main methods, each packing quite a punch.

bonzo - library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

  •    Javascript

A library agnostic extensible DOM utility. Nothing else. Bonzo is designed to live in any host library, such as Ender, or simply as a stand-alone tool for the majority of your DOM-related tasks.

domready - lets you know when the dom is ready

  •    Javascript

Compatibility with IE6, IE7, and IE8 has been fully dropped. If your application requires this level of support, please use the 0.3.0 release.

klass - a utility for creating expressive classes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An expressive, cross platform JavaScript Class provider with a classical interface to prototypal inheritance.

qwery - a query selector engine

  •    HTML

Qwery is a modern selector engine built on top of querySelectorAll giving you practical utility. As of version 4.0, qwery no longer supports IE6 - IE8. If your application still requires this level of support, please see the final 3.x release.

reqwest - browser asynchronous http requests

  •    Javascript

All over again. Includes support for xmlHttpRequest, JSONP, CORS, and CommonJS Promises A. It is also isomorphic allowing you to require('reqwest') in Node.js through the peer dependency xhr2, albeit the original intent of this library is for the browser. For a more thorough solution for Node.js, see mikeal/request.

script.js - Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

  •    Javascript

$script.js is an asynchronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager with an astonishingly impressive lightweight footprint. Like many other script loaders, $script.js allows you to load script resources on-demand from any URL and not block other resources from loading (like CSS and images). Furthermore, it's unique interface allows developers to work easily with even the most complicated dependencies, which can often be the case for large, complex web applications. Optionally to make working with large projects easier, there is a path variable you can set to set as a base.

morpheus - A Brilliant Animator

  •    Javascript

A Brilliant Animator. Morpheus lets you "tween anything" in parallel on multiple elements; from colors to integers of any unit (px, em, %, etc), with easing transitions and bezier curves, including CSS3 transforms (roate, scale, skew, & translate) -- all in a single high-performant loop utilizing the CPU-friendly requestAnimationFrame standard.

hypher - A fast and small JavaScript hyphenation engine

  •    Javascript

A small and fast JavaScript hyphenation engine. Can be used in Node.js and as a jQuery plugin. The hyphenateText method takes an optional second parameter minLength which is the minimum length a word should have to be considered for hyphenation (defaults to 4.) Note that an instance of the Hypher class should only be created once for each language object.


  •    Javascript

Octokat.js provides a minimal higher-level wrapper around GitHub's API. It is being developed in the context of an EPUB3 Textbook editor for GitHub and a simple serverless kanban board (demo). This package can be used in nodejs or in the browser as an AMD module or using browserify.

httpinvoke - A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node

  •    Javascript

A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code. Any one, two or three arguments can be skipped, except the url.

valentine - JavaScripts Functional Sister

  •    Javascript

JavaScript's Sister, and protector — inspired by Underscore; Valentine provides you with type checking, functional iterators, and common utility helpers such as waterfalls, queues, and parallels; all utilizing native JavaScript methods for optimal speed. As of version 2.0.0 — Valentine no longer supports <= IE8 and <= Safari 4. It's been real, but time to move on. To access this level of support, use the 1.8 tag.

resistance - A javascript flow library

  •    Javascript

Resistance is a tiny (579 bytes, 347 bytes gzipped) flow control library for javascript.

ender-swig - Swig module for Ender

  •    Javascript

Swig is a fast template engine inspired by django-t (also known as Twig for Symfony's users). It's written by Paul Armstrong and can be found here.

arbiter - A lightweight html5 history library for ender.js

  •    Javascript

DO NOT USE. This project is not maintained. To be used with ender and being dependent upon a dom utility, event, and ajax libs, it’s as simple as calling the $.change function with the path you’d like to load.

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