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flexibility - A JavaScript polyfill for Flexbox

  •    Javascript

Flexibility is a polyfill for the Flexible Box Layout, commonly known as Flexbox. With Flexibility, you get to design beautiful, flexible layouts on the web without sacrificing the experience in older browsers. Flexbox lays out, aligns, and distributes elements in a container, even when their size is unknown or dynamic. To better understand Flexbox, read Chris Coyier’s excellent Complete Guide to Flexbox.

end - a Node.js Realtime BaaS like Firebase by Socket.io and MongoDB

  •    Javascript

Firebase -- Scalable real-time backend .Build apps fast without managing servers. End.js -- Package like Firebase what you can deploy in your own server.

jam3-lesson-module-basics - intro to modular programming for frontend JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is a brief intro to modules for modern frontend development. It will introduce Node, npm, and browserify. After this guide, you should be equipped to create your first npm module.In this context, "modular" JavaScript refers to a piece of code that operates independently of the applications which surround it. A "module" — sometimes just a single function — is written, tested, and published in isolation, and often a good candidate for re-use across projects.

tap-closer - Simple JS "transform" tool that will call window

  •    Javascript

Simple JS "transform" tool that will call window.close or process.exit when TAP output is complete.Note however that this isn't specific to browserify or smokestack or tape, you can use this with any JavaScript tool that logs TAP output to your console.

end-of-stream - Call a callback when a readable/writable/duplex stream has completed or failed.

  •    Javascript

A node module that calls a callback when a readable/writable/duplex stream has completed or failed.Simply pass a stream and a callback to the eos. Both legacy streams, streams2 and stream3 are supported.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

phase-2-e - End to End testing framework for Phaser. Backed by Nightwatch and Selenium.

  •    Javascript

Custom Nightwatch extenstion for end to end testing CANVAS based HTML5 games written with Phaser. Backed by Nightwatch and Selenium. Until now, e2e tests have mostly been the domain of RIA developers, websites and enterprise level applications, Absolutely no one is e2e testing Canvas based HTML5 games, beyond some rudimentary screenshot checking. Phase-2-e aims to change this state of affairs.

coatroom - Coatroom is an easy way to to create a front end component library

  •    Javascript

Coatroom is an easy way to create a front end component library. A tool that helps you create, organize and get an overview of all your components. Components are made of HTML and CSS, generated by a template and LESS and documented by creating style guides written in Markdown to help other developers understand how and when to use these components.

async-done - Allows libraries to handle various caller provided asynchronous functions uniformly

  •    Javascript

Allows libraries to handle various caller provided asynchronous functions uniformly. Maps promises, observables, child processes and streams, and callbacks to callback style. As async conventions evolve, it is useful to be able to deal with several different styles of async completion uniformly. With this module you can handle completion using a node-style callback, regardless of a return value that's a promise, observable, child process or stream.

multiple-windows - This project is a chrome extension

  •    Javascript

This project is a chrome extension. It provide to create windows to different sizes and multiple for front-end developers. Setup to extension from here and start to using. Open a website or yours file from local development. Click to extemsion icon. You can windows to different size from top menu and can test your project.