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Bee2 - A cryptographic library

  •    C

Bee2 is a cryptographic library which implements cryptographic algorithm and protocols standardized in Belarus. Additionally, Bee2 implements digital signature algorithms standardized in Russia and Ukraine.

SplitShare - Shamir's Secret Sharing Algorithm implementation in golang combined with PGP and a mail delivery system

  •    Go

SplitShare uses Shamir's Secret Sharing Algorithm to split a secret in multiple parts and PGP to encrypt each share with the public key of the owner and then send the encrypted share via mail. You can download and run the pre-builted binary or build it from source.

he-toolkit - The Intel Homomorphic Encryption (HE) toolkit is the primordial vehicle for the continuous distribution of the Intel HE technological innovation to users

  •    C++

For a quick automatic setup/install, please check https://github.com/intel/he-toolkit/releases for the latest user guide. Otherwise, see below for a manual install. to disable building of certain HE libraries.

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