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protocol-buffers - Protocol Buffers for Node.js

  •    Javascript

See the Google Protocol Buffers docs for more information about the available types etc.Since v4 you can now compile your schemas to a JavaScript file you can require from Node. This means you do not have runtime parse the schemas, which is useful if using in the browser or on embedded devices. It also makes the dependency footprint a lot smaller.

characteristics - Character info under different encodings

  •    Ruby

Extra data is available for Unicode characters (see below). The unibits and uniscribe gems makes use of this data to visualize it accordingliy.

dns-packet - An abstract-encoding compliant module for encoding / decoding DNS packets

  •    Javascript

An abstract-encoding compliant module for encoding / decoding DNS packets. Lifted out of multicast-dns as a separate module.Encodes a DNS packet into a buffer.

PandaBundle - XabbuhPandaBundle integrates the Panda video encoding service into the Symfony2 Framework

  •    PHP

The XabbuhPandaBundle eases integration of the Panda encoding service into Symfony. It sits on top of a PHP client implementation for Panda's REST API. See the documentation for instructions on how to install the XabbuhPandaBundle.

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