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EtherCard - EtherCard is an IPv4 driver for the ENC28J60 chip, compatible with Arduino IDE

  •    C++

EtherCard is a driver for the Microchip ENC28J60 chip, compatible with Arduino IDE. It is adapted and extended from code written by Guido Socher and Pascal Stang. High-level routines are provided to allow a variety of purposes including simple data transfer through to HTTP handling.

esp_wifi_repeater - A full functional WiFi Repeater (correctly: a WiFi NAT Router)

  •    C

This is an implementation of a WiFi NAT router on the esp8266 and esp8285. It also includes support for a packet filtering firewall with ACLs, port mapping, traffic shaping, hooks for remote monitoring (or packet sniffing), an MQTT management interface, and power management. For a setup with multiple routers in a mesh to cover a larger area a new mode "Automesh" has been included https://github.com/martin-ger/esp_wifi_repeater#automesh-mode . NEW feature: OTA update support - see https://github.com/martin-ger/esp_wifi_repeater#ota-over-the-air-update-support .

EtherSia - Minimal IPv6 library for Ethernet controllers on Arduino

  •    C++

A minimal IPv6 library for an Arduino with an ENC28J60, W5500 or W5100 Ethernet controller. If you need a more fully functional IPv6 stack, then take a look at Contiki.

stm32-enc28j60 - An enc28j60 (cheap ethernet module) library for stm32 project, generated by STM32CubeMX

  •    C

An implementation of ENC28J60 driver for STM32 MCU. Tested only on sending UDP packets and only on MCUs STM32F091xC, STM32F030x6 and STM32F103xB. If you need to use another STM32 MCU then don't forget to edit file inc/stm32includes.h.

ArduinoARPspoof - Kicks out everyone in your LAN via with an enc28j60 ethernet controller and Arduino

  •    Arduino

Kicks out everyone in your LAN with Arduino and an ENC28J60 ethernet controller. Using an Arduino with an ethernet controller, this device will perform an ARP spoofing attack to block the communication from every client device in your LAN to the gateway.

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