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Sentrifugo - Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

  •    PHP

Sentrifugo is a free and powerful new-age Human Resource Management System that can be easily configured to adapt to your organizational processes. It helps to manage Employee, Leaves, Holidays, Performance appraisal, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Interview scheduling, Analytics and lot more.

WaypointHR - Human Resource Database

  •    PHP

WaypointHR is a human resource database, providing organizations with a free, immediate and flexible Human Resource Management System (HRIS). It helps to store Employee personal details and emergency contact information, absence history, Employment, contract, job and salary details, Tracking employee performance and much more.

OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management Software

  •    PHP

OrangeHRM offers a complete suite of human capital management / human resource management tools. This includes employee information management, employee absence management / employee holiday management or employee leave management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and many other HR management tools.

SimpleHRM - Human Resource Management Solution for SME

  •    PHP

SimpleHRM is an open source human resource management solution for SMEs. It provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for HR departments, with many features including Employee management, Leave management, Employee benefits, File and Document Management, Employee performance management, Generate reports etc.

Employee Management System


This is an Employee Management System. the goal here is to offer a software that caters to small to mid sized businesses for free. This program allows you full management over you employees, Edit/Add employees and positions, terminate/transfer / search duplicates and much more

hrm - Human Resource Management App

  •    PLpgSQL

Welcome to MixERP 2.0 HRM module. This project uses Frapid Framework.

shifts-solver - Finds a solution to fitting employees with preferences in a schedule for shifts-based operation (GWT, Google AppEngine)

  •    Java

Finds a solution to fitting employees with preferences in a schedule for shifts-based operation using heuristical backtracking. Shifts Solver is a Google AppEngine application. To try Shifts Solver install AppEngine SDK and/or an AppEngine IDE which allows you to run Shifts Solver localy or to upload it to Google infrastructure (you may use free AppEngine tier to run it). I implemented Shift Solver using Eclipse IDE for Java with AppEngine plug-in. Simply follow how-tos to set up the development environment and then use Eclipse project that can be found in my Git repository to import Shifts Solver project to Eclipse. Alternatively you may use your favorite tool/IDE to build and deploy the project.

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