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Employee Management System


This is an Employee Management System. the goal here is to offer a software that caters to small to mid sized businesses for free. This program allows you full management over you employees, Edit/Add employees and positions, terminate/transfer / search duplicates and much more

the-six-questions - The six questions you should ask an employee each month


If you have employees, you should have regular 'one-on-one' meetings with them. Most people agree meeting for 30 minutes each week is a good start.

employee-handbook - An employee handbook designed for transparency and clarity.

  •    HTML

Greetings! We've open sourced our employee handbook so that team members, prospective employees, and others can track the changes we've made over time and contribute to it as it evolves. Although it's stored on GitHub, we decided to structure the handbook as a static website so that non-technical team members could view it easily too. To check out the handbook, visit: https://employees.sparksuite.com/.

stock-management-system - An Introductory Stock Management System built on PHP, jQuery with AJAX in MVC pattern

  •    PHP

If incase you're receiving alert that Editor Datatables trial has expired, download the editor-datatable's JS/CSS files from Editor and replace the content in css & js folder present in path/to/project/public/vendor/datatables-editor. Don't forget to clear cache after replacing files. If you are recieving some bugs in editing tables, maybe the project's js file handling the editor-datatables has became out of date.

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