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eventemitter3 - EventEmitter3 - Because there's also a number 2. And we're faster.

  •    Javascript

It's a drop in replacement for existing EventEmitters, but just faster. Free performance, who wouldn't want that? The EventEmitter is written in EcmaScript 3 so it will work in the oldest browsers and node versions that you need to support.We've upgraded the API of the EventEmitter.on, EventEmitter.once and EventEmitter.removeListener to accept an extra argument which is the context or this value that should be set for the emitted events. This means you no longer have the overhead of an event that required fn.bind in order to get a custom this value.

emittery - Simple and modern async event emitter

  •    Javascript

It's only ~200 bytes minified and gzipped. I'm not fanatic about keeping the size at this level though.Emitting events asynchronously is important for production code where you want the least amount of synchronous operations.


  •    CSharp

This is an assembly that creates proxy classes on-the-fly using the Reflection.Emit API. Generics are supported.

fluentAOP - A Fluent AOP Library for .NET

  •    DotNet

An AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming) library that allows to implement aspects utilizing a fluent API. fluentAOP is primarily designed to simplify the adoption and use of AOP in .NET.


  •    WPF

Custom Binding Engine that support WinFrom. WPF, Web and Mono. It support Property, Collection, Command and Method binding. One ViewModel support mutilple View

ILCalc: Arithmetical Expressions Evaluator

  •    CSharp

Small, lightweight and very quick .NET 2.0 library for evaluating arithmetical expressions using interpretation or runtime MSIL generation. Developed in C#. Silverlight 2.0 and CF 3.5 platforms are also supported.

Dynamic Reflection Library

  •    DotNet

The Dynamic Reflection Library is a small set of classes designed to greatly speed the use of .Net reflection to call constructors, member methods, property setters and getters including those with indexing arguments such as the Item (a.k.a. [] operator), and fields. It includ...

Proxi - A Common Proxy Generation Library For .NET

  •    DotNet

Proxi makes possible for developers to leverage runtime proxy generation without having to couple their frameworks, libraries or applications to an specific implementation.


  •    CSharp

This is an assembly that generates a .il source file for emitted code with the correct breakpoints built-in for debugging purposes. It has the same binary interface with the Builder classes in System.Reflection.Emit to make it relatively painless to replace current code with t...

nanoevents - Simple and tiny (119 bytes) event emitter library for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Simple and tiny event emitter library for JavaScript. Methods on returns unbind function. Call it and this listener will be removed from event.

dissolve - Parse and consume binary streams with a neat DSL

  •    Javascript

Parse and consume binary streams with a neat DSL. Dissolve allows you to parse packed binary data into numbers, buffers, strings and more*! With a simple syntax inspired by node-binary and a solid, minimal implementation, you can be up and running in no time.

urify-emitter - [proof-of-concept] emits files instead of inlining datauri statements

  •    Javascript

Similar to webpack's file-loader, this builds on the urify transform but emits a file into an application-level output directory. This allows for modular front-end code which relies on images and icons, without increasing JS bundle size or sacrificing browser image caching optimizations.Now, from your application, you can bundle the code using the urify-emitter plugin.

primus-emit - Emitting events between server and client.

  •    Javascript

The primus-emit module adds client->server and server->client event emitting to Primus.The --save flags tells npm to automatically add the package and it's installed version as dependency.

p-event - Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need only one event emission and want to use it with promises or await it in an async function.If you want multiple individual events as they are emitted, this module is not for you, as a Promise is a single value. Instead, just continue using event callback or use Observables.

node-git-emit - expose git hooks as a node.js EventEmitter

  •    Javascript

Expose git hooks through an EventEmitter.This module is super handy when used in conjunction with pushover.

emit-stream - turn event emitters into streams and streams into event emitters

  •    Javascript

If x is a stream, returns an event emitter from emit.toStream(x).Otherwise returns a stream from emit.fromStream(x).

emit - A reactive toolkit for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

(emit) is a functional reactive programming toolkit based on JavaScript primitives, allowing you to compose functional applications using the APIs you already know. (emit) is a very rough work in progress. It can run both in the browser and on node.js.

trak.js - Universal analytics event tracking API

  •    Javascript

Put simply, trak.js is a wrapper for any analytics API. By default it uses Google Universal Analytics but you can override this with the older ga.js or Google Tag Manager if you wish, or you can even add custom event trackers as well, instead of Google Analytics. There are two main ways to use trak.js, in your js code or as data-trak attributes in your markup.

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