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streamlink-twitch-gui - A multi platform Twitch.tv browser for Streamlink

  •    Javascript

Streamlink Twitch GUI, previously known as Livestreamer Twitch GUI, has been renamed in early december 2016. A comment regarding this change can be found in the thread "The future of Livestreamer Twitch GUI". A graphical user interface on top of the Streamlink command line interface.

emberfire - The officially supported adapter for using Firebase with Ember

  •    TypeScript

This repository is maintained by Googlers but is not a supported Firebase product. Issues here are answered by maintainers and other community members on GitHub on a best-effort basis. WARNING: Master branch is the work in progress for version 3 of Emberfire. You can find version 2 here, if you're looking for documentation or to contribute to stable. Learn more about the rewrite effort here.

prerender-node - Express middleware for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO

  •    Javascript

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly trying to view your website... but they don't execute JavaScript. That's why we built Prerender. Prerender is perfect for AngularJS SEO, BackboneJS SEO, EmberJS SEO, and any other JavaScript framework. This middleware intercepts requests to your Node.js website from crawlers, and then makes a call to the (external) Prerender Service to get the static HTML instead of the JavaScript for that page.

Documize Community - Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs, built with Golang + EmberJS

  •    Go

Documize Community is an open source modern, lightweight alternative to Confluence. It is built for technical and non-technical users, Designed to unify both customer-facing and internal documentation. It supports Organization through labels, spaces and categories.

ember-runloop-handbook - A deep dive into the Ember JS runloop.

  •    Javascript

If you spot any of the (sadly inevitable) errors you would be doing me a great favour by opening an issue :-). You can get started with Ember application development without understanding the runloop. However at some point you will want to dig in and understand it properly so you can use it skillfully. It is my sincere hope that this handbook can be your guide.

Learn ember js

  •    ASPNET

This project includes static page, dynamic pages which demonstrate the use of EmberJS.

accent - ▴ Open-source, self-hosted, developer-oriented translation tool

  •    Elixir

The first developer-oriented translation tool. Accent’s engine coupled with the asynchronous flow between the translator and the developer is what makes Accent the most awesome tool of all. The Accent API provides a powerful abstraction around the process of translating and maintaining the translations of an app.

ember-sortable - Sortable UI primitives for Ember.js

  •    Javascript

Sortable UI primitives for Ember. Version 1.0 depends upon the availability of 2D CSS transforms. Check the matrix on caniuse.com to see if your target browsers are compatible.

ember-twiddle - JSFiddle type thing for ember-cli style code

  •    Javascript

To make using Ember Twiddle secure, we use the sandbox and srcdoc attributes of the <iframe> element. Especially srcdoc is not supported by any version of IE at the moment and older versions of other browsers also lack support for sandbox. Furthermore, the sandbox prohibits the use of cookies, localStorage, IndexedDB, Web Workers, etc. We are planning to move to a secure solution with better compatibility soon (most likely one where the twiddle is run on a different domain).

ember-ajax - Service for making AJAX requests in Ember applications

  •    Javascript

Service for making AJAX requests in Ember applications. To use the ajax service, inject the ajax service into your route or component.

ember-apollo-client - 🚀 An ember-cli addon for Apollo Client and GraphQL

  •    Javascript

Use @apollo/client and GraphQL from your Ember app. This addon is battle tested: it has been used to build several large apps. As such, we've solved real-world problems such as reliable testing and preventing resource leaks by unsubscribing from watch queries.

ember-realworld - Ember.js RealWorld Implementation

  •    Javascript

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with Ember including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.We've gone to great lengths to adhere to the Ember community styleguides & best practices.

ember-gridstack - Ember components to build drag-and-drop multi-column grids powered by gridstack.js

  •    Javascript

{{grid-stack}} can take an options object attribute to configure the grid. All gridstack grid options are valid and take the form data-gs-{option}. However, when using {{grid-stack}} the data-gs is omitted.All gridstack events can be handled as Ember actions. They take the form on{Eventname}.

fire - An idiomatic micro-framework for building Ember.js compatible APIs with Go.

  •    Go

An idiomatic micro-framework for building Ember.js compatible APIs with Go. Go on Fire is built on top of the wonderful built-in http package, implements the JSON API specification through the dedicated jsonapi library, uses the very stable mgo driver for persisting resources with MongoDB and leverages the dedicated oauth2 library to provide out of the box support for OAuth2 authentication using JWT tokens.

ember-infinite-pagination - Infinite Pagination for EmberJS

  •    Javascript

This adds infinite pagination to Ember JS. It works, but it is a work in progress and maybe be riddled with bugs. You can download the latest version from Github. Don't link to this file as Github won't send JS headers.

november-cli - ❄️ Generate a Node.js API for your Ember.js app

  •    Javascript

November helps you generate a simple Node.js API tailored for Ember.js apps, with the help of Express and Sequelize.By default, MySQL is used as a database, but you can use any relational database supported by Sequelize by changing the values in config/config.json.

aws-mobilehub-ember - Serverless example mobile web application for building a Serverless EmberJS based web application using AWS JavaScript SDK, and MobileHub

  •    Javascript

A serverless mobile web application built with EmberJS using import/export as well as Hosting and Streaming functionality from AWS Mobile Hub. This web app utilizes AWS MobileHub for it's backend resource automation and the MobileHub generated aws-config.js for connection properties.For a detailed walkthrough please follow the blog post.

aws-serverless-ember - Example web application for building a Serverless EmberJS based web application using AWS JavaScript SDK, Cognito User Pools, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Lambda/S3

  •    Javascript

The application utilizes Ember.js methodology by abstracting API Gateway communication into adapters, allowing you to write controller code utilizing ember models. The API Gateway SDK that is generated from API Gateway can easily be replaced if you update your API by simple replacing the vendor/apiGateway-js-sdk with the generated one from API Gateway. Lambda functions can easily be updated by running the included cloud/deploy.sh bash script which simply runs the appropriate cloudformation commands for you.You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

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