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ember-cli - The Ember.js command line utility

  •    Javascript

The Ember.js command line utility. After installation the ember CLI tool will be available to you. It is the entrypoint for all the functionality mentioned above.

ember-cli-flash - Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli

  •    Javascript

Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli. This addon is tested against the release, beta and canary channels, ~1.11.0, and 1.12.1. Because this addon makes use of attribute bindings, which were introduced in ember 1.11.0, earlier versions of ember are not compatible with the latest version.

ember-data-model-fragments - Ember Data addon to support nested JSON documents

  •    Javascript

This package provides support for sub-models that can be treated much like belongsTo and hasMany relationships are, but whose persistence is managed completely through the parent object. ⚠️ Deprecated APIs have been removed. See the changelog for more information on breaking changes.

ember-cli-update - Update Ember CLI projects

  •    Javascript

Check out the wiki guide for more details. You can run the CLI either as a global executable available to all projects or an Ember CLI command in a single project.

ember-exam - Run your tests with randomization, splitting, and parallelization for beautiful tests.

  •    Javascript

Ember Exam is an addon to allow you more control over how you run your tests when used in conjunction with Ember QUnit or Ember Mocha. It provides the ability to randomize, split, parallelize, and load-balance your test suite by adding a more robust CLI command. The documentation website contains examples and API information.

ember-twiddle - JSFiddle type thing for ember-cli style code

  •    Javascript

To make using Ember Twiddle secure, we use the sandbox and srcdoc attributes of the <iframe> element. Especially srcdoc is not supported by any version of IE at the moment and older versions of other browsers also lack support for sandbox. Furthermore, the sandbox prohibits the use of cookies, localStorage, IndexedDB, Web Workers, etc. We are planning to move to a secure solution with better compatibility soon (most likely one where the twiddle is run on a different domain).

ember-realworld - Ember.js RealWorld Implementation

  •    Javascript

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with Ember including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.We've gone to great lengths to adhere to the Ember community styleguides & best practices.

ember-cli-star-rating - An Ember CLI addon for using stars to manage ratings

  •    Javascript

An Ember CLI addon for using stars to manage ratings in your glorious Ember application. The addon makes a star-rating component accessible in your consuming Ember app. You should pass it the item the rating should be set on, the rating property itself and the action that should be fired when one of the stars is clicked by the user.

ember-cli-babel - Ember CLI plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

This Ember-CLI plugin uses Babel and babel-preset-env to allow you to use ES6 syntax with your Ember CLI project.This plugin should work without any configuration after installing. By default it will take every .js file in your project and run it through the Babel transpiler to convert your ES6 code to code supported by your target browsers (as specified in config/targets.js in ember-cli >= 2.13). Running non-ES6 code through the transpiler shouldn't change the code at all (likely just a format change if it does).

aws-mobilehub-ember - Serverless example mobile web application for building a Serverless EmberJS based web application using AWS JavaScript SDK, and MobileHub

  •    Javascript

A serverless mobile web application built with EmberJS using import/export as well as Hosting and Streaming functionality from AWS Mobile Hub. This web app utilizes AWS MobileHub for it's backend resource automation and the MobileHub generated aws-config.js for connection properties.For a detailed walkthrough please follow the blog post.

ember-cli-es5-shim - An Ember CLI addon to import the es5-shim (using a generator)

  •    Javascript

This Ember CLI addon imports the es5-shim for your for add/addon. ES5 support for older browsers and phantomjs is added using a generator that adds the dependency for es5-shim to your bower.json file. And imports the dev/prod version of the es5-shim library into your vendor.js file.


  •    Javascript

ember-app-shell is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. Renders an App Shell based on your actual running Ember.js application using Headless Chrome! It also inlines the relevant minimal CSS using the Critical tool.

ember-in-viewport - Detect if an Ember View or Component is in the viewport @ 60FPS

  •    Javascript

ember-in-viewport is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. This ember-cli addon adds a simple, highly performant Ember Mixin to your app. This Mixin, when added to a View or Component (collectively referred to as Components), will allow you to check if that Component has entered the browser's viewport. By default, the Mixin uses the IntersectionObserver API if it detects it in your user's browser – failing which, it fallsback to using requestAnimationFrame, then if not available, the Ember run loop and event listeners.

intellij-emberjs - Ember.js support for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, WebStorm, ...)

  •    Kotlin

This plugin provides basic Ember.js support to all JetBrains IDEs that support JavaScript. more...

ember-cli-deploy-scp - Easily deploy your Ember applications via ssh using scp.

  •    Javascript

Easy deploy your Ember applications via SSH using SCP and rsync. You are now ready to deploy with ember deploy production.

ember-cli-emoji - Emoji for Ember

  •    Javascript

This Ember CLI addon for Emojify provides emoji-icon helper and emoji-tag component to your app. It converts content inside the emoji-tag, and detects content change then update emoji icons.

ember-hackernews-pwa - An Ember implementation of the HackerNews client as a Progressive Web App

  •    Javascript

This README outlines the details of collaborating on this Ember application. A short introduction of this app could easily go here. You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

ember-cli-subdomain - A simple cli addon that adds subdomain detection to an Ember application

  •    Javascript

This simple add-on adds subdomain detection to an Ember application. Use the method subdomain of the injected urlChecker for your magics...

ember-cli-nouislider - {{range-slider}} component for ember-cli powered by noUiSlider

  •    HTML

This ember-cli addon provides you with a range-slider component, based on noUiSlider. It includes everything you need, and adds no extra dependencies other than noUiSlider itself (which has no external dependencies). This will install nouislider via Bower, and will include it into your application's mergetree, so you don't need to worry about anything there.

ember-cli-amd - Ember CLI Addon for using AMD libraries

  •    Javascript

This addon will dynamically modify loader.js to allow it to work in parallel with a separate AMD loader. View it live using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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