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Embed - Get info from any web service or page

  •    PHP

PHP library to get information from any web page (using oembed, opengraph, twitter-cards, scrapping the html, etc). It's compatible with any web service (youtube, vimeo, flickr, instagram, etc) and has adapters to some sites like (archive.org, github, facebook, etc). This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as embed/embed.

medium-editor-insert-plugin - jQuery insert plugin for MediumEditor (Medium

  •    Javascript

This plugin expands capabilities of MediumEditor (a clone of medium.com WYSIWYG editor) and it enables users to insert into the editor various types of content (depending on available addons).

reframe.js - 🖼 Reframe unresponsive elements responsively.

  •    Javascript

Elements that have been wrapped with reframe will not be wrapped twice. Reframe.js wraps a specified element in a div that is an intrinsic ratio of the original element. This plugin is great for embedded content like iframes or videos.

disable-embeds - Don't like the enhanced embeds in WordPress 4

  •    PHP

Don’t like the enhanced embeds in WordPress 4.4? Easily disable the feature using this plugin. Just activate the plugin and you’re good to go.

wagtailembedder - Snippets embedder for Wagtail richtext fields

  •    Python

Snippets embedder for Wagtail RichTextField. Check out Awesome Wagtail for more awesome packages and resources from the Wagtail community.

ass - The superior self-hosted ShareX server

  •    Javascript

ass is a self-hosted ShareX upload server written in Node.js. I initially started this project purely out of spite. ass aims to be as unopinionated as possible. It allows nearly endless choice for users & hosts alike: Users can configure their upload settings directly from the ShareX interface (including embeds, webhooks, & more), while hosts are free to pick their preferred storage & data management methods.

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