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ChaiScript - Embedded Scripting Language Designed for C++

  •    C++

Release under the BSD license, see "license.txt" for details. ChaiScript requires a C++14 compiler to build with support for variadic templates. It has been tested with gcc 4.9 and clang 3.6 (with libcxx). For more information see the build dashboard.

Sparkling - Lightweight extension language

  •    C

On the one hand, the name "Sparkling" comes from my intent to make the language nice, fast and lightweight, properties I associate with sparks in my mind. On the other hand, my nickname (H2CO3) has a lot to do with carbonated water and bubbles. To learn Sparkling, look at the tutorial/reference manual in doc/, then have a look at the examples in the examples/ directory. Don't worry, there will be more and more documentation over time, but for now that's all I've got.

wdte - WDTE is a simple, functional-ish, embedded scripting language.

  •    Go

WDTE is a simple, functional-ish, embedded scripting language. Good question. In fact, I found myself asking the same thing, hence the name.

embedded-scripting-languages - A list of embedded scripting languages


The following is a list of reasonably mature open source embedded scripting languages to use in your application. Your contributions are welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to add a new language to the list. I am looking for language implementations that are either actively maintained or largely "done". The VM and the standard library, if any, must have a free (libre), non-copyleft or limited-scope copyleft license (e.g., the GNU LGPL or the MPL, but not the GNU GPL). If the main bytecode compiler is a separate program, it must have a license that doesn't automatically apply to its output. Optional add-ons may have any license: from strong copyleft to proprietary.

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