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ChaiScript - Embedded Scripting Language Designed for C++

  •    C++

Release under the BSD license, see "license.txt" for details. ChaiScript requires a C++14 compiler to build with support for variadic templates. It has been tested with gcc 4.9 and clang 3.6 (with libcxx). For more information see the build dashboard.

rhai - Rhai - An embedded scripting language for Rust.

  •    Rust

Rhai is an embedded scripting language and evaluation engine for Rust that gives a safe and easy way to add scripting to any application. See The Rhai Book for details on the Rhai scripting engine and language.

Sparkling - Lightweight extension language

  •    C

On the one hand, the name "Sparkling" comes from my intent to make the language nice, fast and lightweight, properties I associate with sparks in my mind. On the other hand, my nickname (H2CO3) has a lot to do with carbonated water and bubbles. To learn Sparkling, look at the tutorial/reference manual in doc/, then have a look at the examples in the examples/ directory. Don't worry, there will be more and more documentation over time, but for now that's all I've got.

wdte - WDTE is a simple, functional-ish, embedded scripting language.

  •    Go

WDTE is a simple, functional-ish, embedded scripting language. Good question. In fact, I found myself asking the same thing, hence the name.

embedded-scripting-languages - A list of embedded scripting languages


The following is a list of reasonably mature open source embedded scripting languages to use in your application. Your contributions are welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to add a new language to the list. I am looking for language implementations that are either actively maintained or largely "done". The VM and the standard library, if any, must have a free (libre), non-copyleft or limited-scope copyleft license (e.g., the GNU LGPL or the MPL, but not the GNU GPL). If the main bytecode compiler is a separate program, it must have a license that doesn't automatically apply to its output. Optional add-ons may have any license: from strong copyleft to proprietary.

evalfilter - A bytecode-based virtual machine to implement scripting/filtering support in your golang project

  •    Go

The evalfilter package provides an embeddable evaluation-engine, which allows simple logic which might otherwise be hardwired into your golang application to be delegated to (user-written) script(s). The scripting language is C-like, and is generally intended to allow you to filter objects, which means you might call the same script upon multiple objects, and the script will return either true or false as appropriate to denote whether some action might be taken by your application against that particular object.

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