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MNN - MNN is a blazing fast, lightweight deep learning framework, battle-tested by business-critical use cases in Alibaba

  •    C++

MNN is a highly efficient and lightweight deep learning framework. It supports inference and training of deep learning models, and has industry leading performance for inference and training on-device. At present, MNN has been integrated in more than 20 apps of Alibaba Inc, such as Taobao, Tmall, Youku, Dingtalk, Xianyu and etc., covering more than 70 usage scenarios such as live broadcast, short video capture, search recommendation, product searching by image, interactive marketing, equity distribution, security risk control. In addition, MNN is also used on embedded devices, such as IoT. MNN's docs are in placed in Yuque docs here.

RaspberryMatic - :house: A lightweight, Linux/buildroot-based distribution for running a HomeMatic CCU on single board computers (SBC) like the RaspberryPi, Tinkerboard, etc

  •    Makefile

The RaspberryMatic project is a collaborate effort to provide a lightweight, Linux/buildroot-based HomeMatic compatible distribution for embedded devices like the RaspberryPi or Tinkerboard. It is based on the Open-Central-Control-Unit-SDK (OCCU) provided by eQ-3 as part of the HomeMatic home automation platform. The RaspberryMatic distribution is provided as a full operating system image that can be flashed and then used in a RaspberryPi/Tinkerboard as the main operating system for controlling all HomeMatic compatible devices with full compatibility to a CCU device directly sold by eQ-3. As the RaspberryMatic project is an open source based project everyone is invited to contribute to this project. Please note, however, that functionality within the corresponding eQ-3 OCCU binaries can not be modified as the main HomeMatic services (rfd, ReGaHSS, HMServer, etc.) are provided in binary format by the OCCU project and not compiled from sources. Nevertheless, if you are a talented developer and want to contribute to the success of RaspberryMatic feel free to send over pull requests or report issues / enhancement requests.

punyforth - Forth inspired programming language for the ESP8266

  •    Forth

Punyforth is a simple, stack-based, Forth inspired programming language that primarily targets Internet of Things (IOT) devices, like the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi capable chip with a 80 MHz Xtensa LX3 32 bit CPU, TCP/IP stack, GPIO pins and 512 KiB to 4 MiB flash memory. It is widely used in IoT applications and home automation projects. Punyforth also runs on x86 (Linux), ARM (Raspberry PI) but these are not the primary supported targets.

iot-java-sdk - Appdynamics IoT Java SDK to monitor performance of embedded applications on connected devices

  •    Java

This repository contains the AppDynamics IoT Java SDK that can be used in embedded applications to monitor network perfomance, errors, and business metrics. The best way to understand how to use the SDK is to run the sample application.

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