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email-templates - :mailbox: Create, preview, and send custom email templates for Node

  •    Javascript

Create, preview, and send custom email templates for Node.js. Highly configurable and supports automatic inline CSS, stylesheets, embedded images and fonts, and much more! Made for sending beautiful emails with Lad.NEW: v3.x is released (you'll need Node v6.4.0+); see breaking changes below. 2.x branch docs available if necessary.

Haraka - A fast, highly extensible, and event driven SMTP server

  •    Javascript

Haraka is a highly scalable node.js email server with a modular plugin architecture. Haraka can serve thousands of concurrent connections and deliver thousands of messages per second. Haraka and plugins are written in asynchronous JS and are very fast. Haraka has very good spam protection (see plugins) and works well as a filtering MTA. It also works well as a MSA running on port 587 with auth and dkim_sign plugins enabled.

preview-email - Automatically opens your browser to preview Node

  •    HTML

NOTE: You should probably just use email-templates directly instead of using this package.The function previewEmail returns a Promise which resolves with a URL. We automatically open the browser to this URL unless you specify the third argument open as false (see Options for more info).

InBrief - InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React

  •    Javascript

InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React. In one screen, InBrief provides an overview of your top RSS feeds, Twitter lists, local weather, email unread and flagged status, todos, and schedule. This app is meant to be the homepage and daily starting place for its users.

ContextIO-node - Official Node.js client library for the Context.IO Email API

  •    Javascript

Context.IO is the missing email API that makes it easy and fast to integrate your user's email data in your application. ContextIO-node is the official Node.js client library. The 2.0 version of the API will be deprecated in favor of the Lite version of the API. 2.0 will be partially deprecated on June 15, 2018, and disabled altogether on December 15, 2018.

node-imapnotify - Execute scripts on new messages using IDLE imap command

  •    Javascript

Execute scripts on IMAP mailbox changes (new/deleted/updated messages) using IDLE. Since we load the config file with require(), we can get away with any nodejs module instead of just json. This allows us to be more flexible with the configuration.

activator - Easy user activation and password reset, with email confirmation, for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Activator version >= 3.0.0 uses template drivers instead of a simple path. Do not upgrade until you read the documentation on templates and drivers. Activator version >= 2.0.0 works only with JSON Web Tokens and ignores completely the user database fields for password reset code and password reset time.

mjml-utils - The utility belt for MJML developers

  •    Javascript

If you install mjml-utils locally, you'll probably want to configure it to run via your package.json scripts. This method is encouraged, and an example of local usage via package.json scripts is provided below. The mju --build command compiles all MJML templates into HTML templates.

mail-promise - Simplifies interface for nodemailer and returns a promise

  •    TypeScript

Simplifies the interface for nodemailer and returns a promise. Also includes TypeScript declaration file for type checking. Credentials for the email service can be passed in the MailPromise class constructor or through the environment variables. Setting the credentials from the environment variables is useful for when you want to use mail credentials in multiple projects but not risk having them exposed. To set the credentials from the environment variables you need to create one for the service, the username, and the password. The file you edit will vary depending on your system. I set mine on Linux from /etc/environment.

mailjet-apiv3-nodejs - [API v3] Official Mailjet API v3 NodeJS wrapper

  •    Javascript

Check out all the resources and PHP code examples in the official Mailjet Documentation. If you want to do a global installation, add the -g flag.

node-sparkpost - SparkPost client library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Sign up for a SparkPost account and visit our Developer Hub for even more content. Note: Node.js versions 0.10 and 0.12 are no longer supported.

nodemailer-sparkpost-transport - Sparkpost transport for Nodemailer

  •    Javascript

Sign up for a SparkPost account and visit our Developer Hub for even more content. Read more about Nodemailer's sendMail() method here.

server-accepts-email - Check if an SMTP server accepts emails to a given address

  •    TypeScript

Check if an SMTP server accepts emails to a given address. There are some other libraries that do the same thing, but I found them to have some flaws which made me write this one.

mailbot - Mail Bot: IMAP client sorting entering emails and triggering operations of your choice

  •    Javascript

This module will help you build an imap bot reacting to incoming emails. There are actually no test because I found a bit too time-consuming to mock an Imap server for testing. They will come later.

sample-trigger-app - Example Node

  •    Javascript

This node.js application intends to show a simple way of performing an action when an AT&T M2X Device Trigger notification is delivered by M2X. The application is configured to deploy on the Heroku Cloud Application Platform and provides two delivery methods; Email and SMS. Email is delivered via the SendGrid API using the Sendgrid Heroku Add-on, and is configured to use Sendgrid's free Starter plan though you may upgrade your plan when you're ready to go into production.

Maily-Form - Forms to Email

  •    Kotlin

This is a self-hosted service you can use to place forms on static sites. It uses nodemailer and you can host it with Docker. ⚠️ It is currently in development and it's not advised to use in production yet.