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elmish-xamarin-forms - Elmish architecture for Xamarin.Forms

  •    F#

This should very much be considered a draft and at the PoC stage. It is not ready for production yet. The DSL is likely to change substantially. Actual performance at scale is unknown. No structural equality for events. When an event handler is present in the tree, it is always considered changed, as there's no structural equality for functions. This means pretty much the whole tree is traversed on every update, even when not strictly necessary. There needs to be a way to determine whether an event handler has changed.

tabula-rasa - Minimalistic real-worldish blogging platform, written entirely in F#, made as a learning reference for building large Elmish apps

  •    F#

Thanks to Fable.Remoting, this application does not need to handle data serialization/deserialization and routing between client and server, it is all done for us which means that the code is 99% domain models and domain logic.

hydux-react - Hydux + React = :heart:

  •    TypeScript

React renderer for hydux. React.PureComponent helper, with which the component uses a shallow prop comparison to determine whether to re-render, which in turn prevents unnecessary re-rendering.

fable-validation - An isomorphic validation library for Fable/F#, inspired by elm-validate

  •    F#

all is a validate function, it has a parameter to pass a callback with the only argument of a validator instance, you can write your validate rules and return the Ok value. all means validate all fields, if you want to return early after first error, you can use fast, there are also allAsync, fastAsync for async validate support. This library comes with Option/Result support in mind, you can unwrap it by validate rules like IsSome/IsOK, or skip following validation it if it's None/Error.

debugger - Time-traveling debugger and import export for Elmish apps

  •    F#

For more information see the docs. Follow the monitor installation instructions at Remote DevTools site.