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Render - Swift and UIKit a la React.

  •    Swift

Render is a declarative library for building efficient UIs on iOS inspired by React. [The framework] lets us write our UIs as pure function of their states.

purescript-pux - Build type-safe web apps with PureScript.

  •    PureScript

Build type-safe web applications with PureScript. Pux has not focused on performance yet. The slow performance arises from translating Pux's (smolder) virtual DOM to React's virtual DOM. The goal is to write a purescript virtual DOM module for smolder, which would avoid that translation step and could be optimized for a monadic datastructure. I suspect this would achieve performance on par with Halogen.

prism - React / Redux action composition made simple http://salsita.github.io/prism/

  •    TypeScript

Given function f and function g we can simply compose them: f ∘ g = f(g()). Yes we can! Let's just call it action wrapping. Because it's the same principle like you would be wrapping a box inside a box, the last box in the hierarchy contains some object and that's the Action. We can just wrap action type to keep things simple and because action type is just a string, it's as easy as function composition.

bucklescript-tea - TEA for Bucklescript

  •    OCaml

This is a library for OCaml-via-Bucklescript (though in the future to support native compilation for back-end template generation) that follows TEA/The Elm Architecture as I see it in various incarnations. You can read more about it here.

learn-redux - :boom: Comprehensive Notes for Learning (how to use) Redux to manage state in your Web/Mobile (React

  •    HTML

Redux simplifies writing well-structured, predictable, testable & maintainable JavaScript Web Applications. JavaScript web applications can become messy if they don't have a clear organisation from the beginning.

apprun - AppRun is a 3K library for developing high-performance and reliable web applications using the elm inspired architecture, events and components

  •    TypeScript

AppRun is a 3K library for building high-performance and reliable web applications using the Elm inspired Architecture, event pub-sub and components. Application logic is broken down into three separated parts in the AppRun architecture.


  •    Elm

Netlify Playground is a sandbox application to test all configurations related with Netlify before setting those up in your sites.Netlify Playground is released under the MIT License. Please make sure you understand its implications and guarantees.

concur - An unusual Web UI Framework for Haskell

  •    Javascript

A brand new client side Web UI framework for Haskell that explores an entirely new paradigm. It does not follow FRP (think Reflex or Reactive Banana), or Elm architecture, but aims to combine the best parts of both. React based, called concur-react. You can use the Concur-React Quickstart Template to quickly get started.

elm-bike-configurator - 🚴🏻 Pretty simple app for configuring a bike with colored components, written in Elm

  •    Elm

Pretty simple app for configuring a bike with colored components, written in Elm. This is my public playground for exploring Elm and trying to grow this app by learning more about the programming language. I'll try to make the commits as meaningful as possible, so you can follow along.

elmish-xamarin-forms - Elmish architecture for Xamarin.Forms

  •    F#

This should very much be considered a draft and at the PoC stage. It is not ready for production yet. The DSL is likely to change substantially. Actual performance at scale is unknown. No structural equality for events. When an event handler is present in the tree, it is always considered changed, as there's no structural equality for functions. This means pretty much the whole tree is traversed on every update, even when not strictly necessary. There needs to be a way to determine whether an event handler has changed.

re-alm - An Elm Architecture experiment in ClojureScript

  •    Clojure

You want to build SPAs the simplest way possible, using nothing, but pure, composable functions. In the render function you get the model, and a function to dispatch your messages with. The messages are automatically routed to your update function.

ReactiveReSwift - Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift via FRP - Inspired by Elm

  •    Swift

The ReactiveReSwift library is tiny - allowing users to dive into the code, understand every single line and hopefully contribute. A single Reducer should only deal with a single field of the state struct. You can nest multiple reducers within your main reducer to provide separation of concerns.

rilti.js - a small opinionated future forward front-end framework

  •    Javascript

To use rilti just download /dist/rilti.min.js and pop it in a script tag. If you have any issues just tell me, I'm on it. Different strokes for different folks: Also look at rilti.on which can be used like this on['any-event'](node, func, =options), as well as like this on('any-event', node)(func, =options) and also on(node, { click: e => {} }, =options).

learn-elm - :rainbow: discover why people are switching to Elm and how you can get started today!

  •    HTML

These are a few of our favourite things. It's difficult to overstate how game-changing elm, the elm-architecture and elm-platform are to web development right now! The fact that Dan Abramov was "inspired" by Elm (architecture and debugger) for Redux and React Hot-Reloader respectively, should tell you that there's "something" here worth exploring ...

learn-elm-architecture-in-javascript - :unicorn: Learn how to build web apps using the Elm Architecture in "plain old" JavaScript (step-by-step tutorial with TDD)!

  •    Javascript

Learn how to build web applications using the Elm ("Model Update View") Architecture in "plain" JavaScript. Therefore, by learning the Elm Architecture, you will intrinsically understand Redux which will help you learn/develop React apps.

elm-architecture - The Elm Architecture in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

The Elm Architecture in JavaScript

gotypist - A touch-typing tutor

  •    Go

A simple touch-typing tutor that follows Steve Yegge's methodology of going in fast, slow, and medium cycles. The TL;DR of this methodology is that you make three passes for each phrase.

Elmctron - Elm meets Electron

  •    CSS

TodoMVC app written in Elm and using Electron. For more information read Gizra post.

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