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Shapes Library

  •    CSharp

Shapes is a powerful library for XNA. It allows to easily create different kinds of shapes via code. It makes the game development much easier because it provides useful functionality like collision detection or movment along the outline of a shape. many samples are included.

Mincom Ellipse .NET Connector


Mincom Ellipse - one of the interesting EAM-solutions now. It can be integrated with other systems through Connector, that consists of MIMSX (COM-object), MIMSJ (data-layer for Java) and some other COM-objects. Now you can work with Ellipse easy from .NET.

kld-intersections - A library of intersection algorithms covering all SVG shape types

  •    Mathematica

Below is a table listing each of the supported curve types. The Name column is the name you will need to use to refer to the shape of the given type. Arguments lists the parameters you will use to describe the shape of the given curve. It is important to note that not all combinations of names are available in the API. The current implementation supports 8 types of curves. If we count all combinations of any two curves, we end up needing 8 * 8 = 64 methods to cover all cases. And when we add Arc and Path to our list, we will need 10 * 10 = 100 methods to be written. Fortunately, the order in which we specify the curves is not important.

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