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skatejs - SkateJS is a web component library designed to give you an augmentation of the web component specs focusing on a functional rendering pipeline, clean property / attribute semantics and a small footprint

  •    Javascript

At its core, Skate is about creating Custom Elements. Skate provides a series of mixin functions that enable you to control what your component can do.Calling withComponent() gives you a Custom Element class constructor, which you can then extend to define your own elements.

document-register-element - A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification

  •    Javascript

A stand-alone lightweight version of Custom Elements V1 based on top, and compatible with, the battle-tested Custom Elements V0, already used in production with projects such Google AMP HTML ⚡ and others. If you specify noBuiltIn property as true, the V1 API will be polyfilled where needed, but no extra checks and patches will be applied to make custom elements built-in working, since no browser is currently shipping this part of the specification.

react-stripe-js - React components for Stripe.js and Stripe Elements

  •    TypeScript

React components for Stripe.js and Elements. First, install React Stripe.js and Stripe.js.

vue-stripe-elements - A Vue 2 component collection for Stripe.js

  •    Javascript

Flexible and powerful Vue components for Stripe. It's a glue between Stripe.js and Vue component lifecycle. Alternatively, you can load Stripe library dynamically. Just make sure it's ready before your components mount.

pixel-bootstrap-ui-kit - Pixel UI Kit - Free and open source Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without jQuery

  •    HTML

Pixel is a free, fully responsive, modern Bootstrap UI Kit that will help you build creative and professional websites. Use our components and sections, switch some Sass variables to build and arrange pages to best suit your needs. Pixel is a premium extension of the famous Bootstrap CSS Framework featuring pricing cards, profile cards, timelines and many more and additional plugins for datepickers and input sliders which Bootstrap does not have by default.


  •    HTML

Highlighter.js is a tiny (pure javascript) library to allow you to navigate, select and highlight DOM elements.

vaadin-core - An evolving set of free, open source web components for building mobile and desktop web applications in modern browsers

  •    HTML

Vaadin core components is the open source part of the Vaadin standards-based Web Components set, which contains high-quality user interface components commonly needed in modern mobile and desktop business web applications. For more information, see the Vaadin components README.

vaadin-grid - vaadin-grid is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component

  •    HTML

<vaadin-grid> is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component, part of the Vaadin components. The Vaadin components are distributed as Bower and npm packages. Please note that the version range is the same, as the API has not changed. You should not mix Bower and npm versions in the same application, though.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that provides snapping functionality to a set of panels within your interface.

stripe-js - Loading wrapper for Stripe.js

  •    TypeScript

Use Stripe.js as an ES module. Note: To be PCI compliant, you must load Stripe.js directly from https://js.stripe.com. You cannot include it in a bundle or host it yourself. This package wraps the global Stripe function provided by the Stripe.js script as an ES module.

heresy - React-like Custom Elements via V1 API builtin extends.

  •    Javascript

Don't simulate the DOM. Be the DOM. React-like Custom Elements via the V1 API built-in extends. Also available for SSR.

void-elements - Object of "void elements" as defined by the WHATWG HTML Standard.

  •    Javascript

Array of "void elements" defined by the HTML specification.

elementsproject.org - Source code for the ElementsProject.org website

  •    CSS

Welcome to the Elements Project. We're excited you're here, and want to collaborate with you on making Elements accessible to anyone who will find utility in their use.ElementsProject.org is a static website powered by Hexo. You'll need npm (which comes with Node.js) to get started.

validate-element-name - Validate the name of a custom element

  •    Javascript

Custom element names should start with a-z and contain a-z and at least one - with optionally 0-9.You should not use the x-, polymer-, ng- prefixes.

web-audio-player - a cross-browser WebAudio player

  •    Javascript

A simplified cross-browser WebAudio wrapper with a narrow API. This repo also attempts to report and solve some "WebAudio Gotchas" for getting WebAudio working on mobile. It targets new browsers and devices, and does not attempt to provide a non-WebAudio fallback.See caniuse.com WebAudio API.