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website - The elementary.io website

  •    PHP

A focused, minimum viable product (hence MVP) for a website that accompanied the release of elementary OS Freya. See guidelines for coding and translating.

Notes-up - Markdown notes editor & manager for elementary os

  •    Vala

As a computer engineer, I've been writing my school notes using just a text editor, and having to manage all my files and keep everything organized. Well, not anymore! Notes Up is a notes manager written for elementary OS. With it, you'll be able to write beautiful notes fast and easy using the markdown format. Notes-Up is made for elementary OS, but has been built and made available elsewhere by community members. These builds may have modifications or changes and are not provided or supported by me.

bookworm - A simple ebook reader for Elementary OS

  •    Vala

Read the books you love without having to worry about the different format complexities like epub, pdf, mobi, cbr, etc. This version supports EPUB, PDF and Comics (CBR and CBZ) formats with support for more formats to follow soon.

tomato - A simple, usable and efficient pomodoro app designed for elementaryOS

  •    Vala

Tomato is a pomodoro app designed for elementaryOS. It is simple, usable and efficient. You must have in mind that Tomato is exclusively designed for elementaryOS. But if you want to install Tomato on Ubuntu, you can add the official PPA.

wallpapers - Collection of wallpapers for elementary OS

  •    Shell

Check out existing wallpapers to see what we're into. For starters, we typically prefer simple, pleasing photographs of nature with a shallow depth of field. Wallpapers that are less busy, have a single focal point, and are generally more out of focus near the edges are more likely to be chosen. Also keep in mind the desktop environment: elementary OS has a transparent panel at the top, so wallpapers with lower-contrast top areas will look best. If the area under the panel is too high-contrast, it automatically get masked with a dark translucent overlay. We also use a small white dock at the bottom, and icons hang over the top edge of the dock. Wallpapers with less-busy, lower contrast areas near the bottom will look better.

elementary-ide - An unofficial elementary OS (Vala) oriented IDE.

  •    Vala

An unofficial elementary OS (Vala) oriented IDE. And then follow the previous elementary OS (Loki) instructions.

yishu - A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client.

  •    Vala

Please make sure you have these dependencies first before building.

sublime-elementary - ElementaryOS inspired UI theme for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3.


ElementaryOS inspired UI theme for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3. Project currently is untaintained. If you are interested in maintenance this repository then I'd would happy to transfer ownership of Theme - Elementary to you.

valawarden - Unofficial native Bitwarden client for elementary OS

  •    Vala

Valawarden includes a script to simplify the development process. This script can be accessed in the main project directory through ./app. To help look at the available Issues. While some a labled "help wanted" you may pick anything to help out with so long as you notify me with a comment on the issue.

dippi - Calculate display info like DPI and aspect ratio

  •    Vala

Analyze any display. Input a few simple details and figure out the aspect ratio, DPI, and other details of a particular display. Great for deciding which laptop or external monitor to purchase, and if it would be considered HiDPI. Based on the expertise of Cassidy James Blaede and the actual logic System76 uses to determine screen size and resolution combinations.

palette - Color palette app for elementary OS

  •    Vala

elementary uses a set of bright and friendly colors. Easily access the entire palette on your local device, see examples of usage, and copy any variation of each color to paste into your own projects. Palette is designed and developed on and for elementary OS. Purchasing through AppCenter directly supports the development and ensures instant updates straight from me. Get it on AppCenter for the best experience.

develop - A simple tool to help elementary OS developers to develop their own apps and widgets.

  •    Vala

A simple tool to help Elementary OS developers to develop their own apps and widgets. Develop is available on the elementary OS AppCenter.

elementary-indicators - An unofficial guide to restore indicator functionality on elementary OS


The indicator stack on elementary OS consists of the indicator-application package and the corresponding wingpanel-indicator-ayatana wingpanel component. The standard Ubuntu indicator-application package needs patching to enable support for Pantheon - you can download a premade patched .deb here or read the instructions below to patch it yourself.

telegram-icon-updater - Script for replacing Telegram Desktop tray icons

  •    Shell

Script for replacing Telegram Desktop tray icons. New icons from this repository are designed for elementary OS Loki.

karim - Downloader for YouTube

  •    Vala

Karim is a graphical interface to the youtube-dl command-line tool. Built from the ground up for the elementary operating system. Unfortunately karim was rejected from AppCenter (read more).

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