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css-element-queries - CSS-Element-Queries Polyfill

  •    Javascript

Element Queries is a polyfill adding support for element based media-queries to all new browsers (incl. IE7+). It allows not only to define media-queries based on window-size but also adds 'media-queries' functionality depending on element (any selector supported) size while not causing performance lags due to event based implementation. It's a proof-of-concept event-based CSS element dimension query with valid CSS selector syntax.

react-sizeme - Make your React Components aware of their width and height!

  •    Javascript

Give your Components the ability to have render logic based on their height and/or width. Responsive design on the Component level. This allows you to create highly reusable components that can adapt to wherever they are rendered. The following configuration options are available. Please see the usage docs for how to pass these configuration values into either the component or higher order function.

cq-prolyfill - Prolyfill for CSS Container Queries

  •    Javascript

This is a prolyfill for a special version of container queries (aka element queries). You can read more about the idea and how they work internally in this article. For more information take a look at the usage documentation.

react-bounds - :left_right_arrow: The Future of Media Queries

  •    Javascript

Like Media Queries - Set min and max values like breakpoints. Use the Bounds in JS - Active bounds are passed down as props.

react-element-query - Element queries for react components.

  •    Javascript

Once you start thinking in components, media queries, which are reliant on the size of the whole screen, don't work well because components are frequently not the full screen-width. Element queries solve this, but CSS won't have element queries for a while. eq.js does a good job, but it doesn't play nicely with React. Besides which, using the React render pipeline has some nice performance and API benefits.

ember-element-query - Element queries for Ember

  •    HTML

This Ember addon lets you apply styles to elements conditionally based on their own width, instead of using media queries based on window width. It lets you implement reusable responsive components — with encapsulated styles, decoupled from their parent context. Such components will realign their content depending on how much space is available to them.

react-component-query - Component queries in React

  •    Javascript

Accepts an array of key-value pairs which will be your query. It uses React Measure under the hood to detect component changes and pass down matchedQueries, matchedProps, and dimensions into your component. Each object in the queries array requires at least two properties: name and breakpoint.

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