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element-react - Element UI

Element was initially written in Vue, which has many elegant UI components, but we also love React, so we forked it for the React community.Before the building, you need a style theme, here we recommend you to pick up element-theme-default.

document-register-element - A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification

A stand-alone lightweight version of Custom Elements V1 based on top, and compatible with, the battle-tested Custom Elements V0, already used in production with projects such Google AMP HTML ⚡ and others. If you specify noBuiltIn property as true, the V1 API will be polyfilled where needed, but no extra checks and patches will be applied to make custom elements built-in working, since no browser is currently shipping this part of the specification.

bel - :dragon: A simple library for composable DOM elements using tagged template strings.

A simple library for composable DOM elements using tagged template strings. If you're looking for a higher level front end framework, try yo-yo. Or even higher than that, try choo.

Xna Interface Elements

Helpfull Classes for game menu and game interface: Graphic and text buttons, links, icons, menu windows... Oncoming update features: Icons/image scroll windows. Viewport windows. Loading and Progress bars and more...


A jQuery plugin that provides snapping functionality to a set of panels within your interface.


jQuery collapser is a small and useful jQuery plugin for collapsing/truncating an element text by words, characters and lines with a flexible API. It is an all in one plugin with multiple functionalities to truncate a paragraph or any element as desired.

react-resize-aware - ⇲👁 A simple React component which allows to listen the resize event of itself when it's resized

A simple React.js component you can use to make any piece of UI aware of its size.Each time the component' size changes, your component will be notified by one of the methods described below. The size change can be detected by a window resize, a CSS media query, a CSS pseudo selector, a JavaScript action or really, anything.

unique-random-array - Get consecutively unique elements from an array

Useful for things like slideshows where you don't want to have the same slide twice in a row.Returns a function that when called will return a random element that's never the same as the previous.

validate-element-name - Validate the name of a custom element

Custom element names should start with a-z and contain a-z and at least one - with optionally 0-9.You should not use the x-, polymer-, ng- prefixes.

pick-random - Pick random items from a list

Useful for making decisions, picking a winner, or anything else randomness can help you with.Returns an Array.