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Livepython - Visually trace Python code in real-time.

  •    Javascript

Livepython is a desktop app that lets you visually trace, in real-time, the execution of a Python program. In addition, it can track changes in global and local variables as your program is running. Livepython is meant to give you a quick grasp of a program's execution flow. It's less messy than sprinkling print statements throughout your code and simpler to use than debuggers/profilers.

electron-inject - Inject javascript into closed source electron applications e

  •    Python

electron-inject is an application wrapper that utilizes the remote debug console to inject javascript code into electron based applications. For example, this can be pretty handy to enable otherwise unavailable features like the built-in developer console. Inject hotkeys F12:toggle devconsole and F5:reload into closed source apps with devconsole disabled.