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scaphandre - ⚡ Electrical power consumption metrology agent

  •    Rust

Scaphandre [skafɑ̃dʁ] is a metrology agent dedicated to electrical power consumption metrics. The goal of the project is to permit to any company or individual to measure the power consumption of its tech services and get this data in a convenient form, sending it through any monitoring or data analysis toolchain. Scaphandre means heavy diving suit in 🇫🇷. It comes from the idea that tech related services often don't track their power consumption and thus don't expose it to their clients. Most of the time the reason is a presumed bad ROI. Scaphandre makes, for tech providers and tech users, easier and cheaper to go under the surface to bring back the desired power consumption metrics, take better sustainability focused decisions, and then show the metrics to their clients to allow them to do the same.

Energy Efficiency Calculator Webpart


Understanding how energy is used in your home is the first step toward managing your energy costs. Enter how many of each item you have in each room and the approximate hours per week that the item is used. the calculator will estimate you energy costs in a month.

Electricity, Gas and Temperature Monitoring with Netduino Plus


Electricity, gas and temperature logging solution for the Dutch smart meter on a realtime updated webpage.

Arduino Solar Meter


An Arduino is used to monitor several items in the meter cabinet. The standard version can log 3 S0 kWh meters and upload results to PVoutput and local SD card.

PGE-EV-Rate-Calculator - Calculate benefit of E9 vs EV rate plans using PG&E Data

  •    Javascript

This is a little XML parsing app I wrote to try and estimate whether PG&E customers are better off on the E9-A or the EV-A rate plan. It's also useful for comparing your existing/historic for other reasons too. It can use actual usage data downloaded from PG&E to calculate hopefully quite accurately for you.

electric-operator - An emacs minor mode to automatically add spacing around operators

  •    Emacs

An emacs minor-mode to automatically add spacing around operators. I'm aiming to have electric-operator-mode correctly handle almost every operator for major modes built in to Emacs (and a few that aren't). If you find a case where it doesn't space something as expected then consider it a bug, and please report it :).

energy-data - Data on energy by Our World in Data

  •    Python

Our complete Energy dataset is a collection of key metrics maintained by Our World in Data. It is updated regularly and includes data on energy consumption (primary energy, per capita, and growth rates), energy mix, electricity mix and other relevant metrics. We will continue to publish updated data on Energy as it becomes available. Most metrics are published on an annual basis.

Internet-of-Things-Power-Meter - Device to view household power consumption

  •    C++

The Internet-of-Things Power Meter (IPM) is a device fixed on top of the regular household power meter and provides detailed information about the electricity usage. Modern power meters have a LED blinking every time a Watt is used, the IPM detects these flashes using a light sensor, counts them and saves the values to an SD card. Later the data is stored on the cloud. Usually power companies provide very rough electricity usage data, the IPM provides data with a minute resolution. Knowing the household electricity usage allows to extrapolate statistics and can give precise numbers about the costs.

antaresRead - Import, manipulate and explore the results of an Antares simulation

  •    R

Finally, you can download a cheatsheet that summarize in a single page how to use the package: https://github.com/rte-antares-rpackage/antaresRead/raw/master/cheat_sheet/antares_cheat_sheet_en.pdf . Select an Antares simulation interactively.

gsee - GSEE: Global Solar Energy Estimator

  •    Python

GSEE is a solar energy simulation library designed for rapid calculations and ease of use. Renewables.ninja uses GSEE. The development of GSEE predates the existence of pvlib-python but builds on its functionality as of v0.4.0. Use GSEE if you want fast simulations with sensible defaults and solar energy technologies other than PV, and pvlib-python if you need control over the nuts and bolts of simulating PV systems.

vwf - Virtual Wind Farm Model

  •    R

vwf is an R project to simulate the power output from wind farms based on NASA weather data. The wind energy simulations on Renewables.ninja are based on the VWF model. An unsound mind and plenty of alcohol.

NYISOToolkit - Access data, statistics, and visualizations for New York's electricity grid.

  •    Python

A package for accessing power system data (NYISOData), generating statistics (NYISOStat), and creating visualizations (NYISOVis) from the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). There are several visualizations currently supported - browse them on the NYISOToolkit Web App or in the nyisotoolkit/nyisovis/visualizations folder. The visualizations are focused on communicating New York's status toward achieving the power sector decarbonization goals outlined by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

carbon-index - Calculation of electricity CO₂ intensity at national, state, and NERC regions from 2001-present

  •    Jupyter

This repository contains the data analysis and figure generation code for Assessing the evolution of power sector carbon intensity in the United States, 2018, Environmental Research Letters, DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/aabe9d. The methods and code borrow heavily from the Power Sector Carbon Index (EmissionsIndex.org). The links below take you to folders with final data from the paper.


  •    Julia

Provide a flexible modeling framework that can accommodate problems of different complexity and at different time-scales. Streamline the construction of large scale optimization problems to avoid repetition of work when adding/modifying model details.

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