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SharePoint Learning Kit


The SharePoint Learning Kit is a community-source eLearning tool that integrates with Learning Gateway. Rich content is supported with full SCORM 2004 compliance and basic functions are supported for any electronic document.

Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint


!!! What is Podcasting Kit for SharePoint? Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) is an accelerator for social media, using podcasting and social networks to deliver the next generation knowledge management solution to Microsoft customers. Built on top of Office SharePoint Server...

Interactive Game ELearning Library - IGELL

  •    Javascript

Igell is a javascript library to easiliy implement an elearning game.



The purpose of the DotNetSCORM™ project is to create an Open Source Learning Management System using .Net technologies. There are currently several SCORM compliant Learning Management System’s written in Java and PHP. These are mostly based upon the ADL Sample RTE. However due...

eXeLearning - the EXtremely Easy to use eLearning authoring tool

  •    Python

eXeLearning is a GPL2+ free/libre tool for the educational community to create and publish open educational resources. This authoring environment enables teachers and students to create and publish educational content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup. Content generated using eXeLearning can be exported as web pages, as educational-standard packages used by any Learning Management System, as epub3 files and on mobile devices.

opentok-elearning-samples - Sample applications highlighting integrations between OpenTok and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  •    Javascript

These are a collection of samples highlighting the usage of OpenTok in Learning Management Systems (LMS). Each demo deals with a small feature which are often seen in LMS applications. Proctoring -- This application showcases an examiner who can see a zoom-able grid of examinees. Additionally, examinees can can share their cameras and screen.

acadeME - interactive eLearning platform for University of Maine senior capstone project

  •    Javascript

By Jake Marsh, advised by Sudarshan Chawathe. An interactive e-Learning platform for University of Maine's senior Computer Science capstone. The goal is to build upon the approaches taken by popular e-Learning sites, adding additional features and ideas to make the experience closer to that of the physical classroom. This is due to e-Learning's growing popularity and benefits but lack of interaction, feedback, or guidance.