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eggjs-note - 《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀


《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀

egg-cache - 💾Cache plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

All store engine based on cache-manager can be used. Refer to Issues.

egg-parameters - Merge all parameters (ctx

  •    Javascript

Merge all parameters (ctx.params, ctx.request.query, ctx.request.body) into ctx.params like Rails application. When you add egg-parameters into your package.json this will enabled by default.

egg-router-plus - The missing router feature for eggjs

  •    Javascript

this plugin will auto load router define at app/router/**/*.js. Notice: all sub routers will be loaded before app/router.js, please ensure all the sub router definitions are not conflict(better to use app.router.namespace to create different namespaces for each sub router file).

egg-rpc-generator - RPC tools for egg framework

  •    Javascript

You can write your own egg-rpc-generator plugin.

egg-sofa-rpc - SOFARPC plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

By using the plugin, you can call rpc services provided by other system. ${app_root}/config/proxy.js is a very important config file for rpc client, you should configure the services you needed, then executing the egg-rpc-generator tool to generate the proxy files.

egg-view-assets - Manage frontend assets in development and production.

  •    Javascript

Manage frontend assets in development and production. Configuration, you can see full example in egg-ant-design-pro.

vscode-eggjs - vscode extension for https://eggjs.org/

  •    TypeScript

If you have any requirements or dependencies, add a section describing those and how to install and configure them.

egg-cancan - cancancan like authorization plugin for Egg.js

  •    Javascript

This plugin is our best practice from we developing yuque.com. The Ability class is where all user permissions are defined. An example class looks like this.

egg-datahub - Macaca DataHub plugin for Egg.js

  •    Javascript

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