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egg-cnode - CNode 社区 Egg 版本

  •    Javascript

see egg docs for more detail.

tensorflow-rex-run - A TensorFlow

  •    Javascript

A TensorFlow.js based AI player platform for T-Rex Runner. T-Rex Runner is originally an easter egg game inside chrome's offline error page.

eggjs-note - 《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀


《Egg.js 深入浅出学习笔记》 (每周一更)🚀🚀🚀

awesome-egg - Awesome Egg.js Web Framework and Plugin.


Awesome Egg.js Web Framework and Plugin.

egg-sequelize - Sequelize for Egg.js

  •    Javascript

Sequelize plugin for Egg.js. NOTE: This plugin just for integrate Sequelize into Egg.js, more documentation please visit http://sequelizejs.com.

shorturl-egg - shorturl powered by egg

  •    Javascript

see egg docs for more detail. see docs/docker-compose for more detail.

egg-view-pug - egg view plugin for pug.

  •    Javascript

egg view plugin for pug. The file will be compiled and cached, you can change config.pug.cache = false to disable cache, it's disable in local env by default.

egg-dingtalk-robot - 钉钉机器人egg插件

  •    Javascript

Please let us know what we can help, check issues for bug reporting and suggestion.

egg-jwt - JWT authentication plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

see config/config.default.js for more detail. Please open an issue here.

egg-di - Dependency injection lib for Egg.js.

  •    Javascript

Dependency injection lib for Egg.js. Test injected service.

egg-generator - CRUD generator for eggjs

  •    Smarty

注意:以上两部为项目初始搭建, 如果已有的项目中集成可以跳过以上两步. 独立后台项目可以软连接为backend既可. 前提必须按照eggjs和ant design pro标准目录结构.

egg-dubbo-rpc - dubbo rpc plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

First, you need to put the JAR file (which contains the API interfaces) into {app_root}/assembly folder. And then you need to config $app_root/config/proxy.js, which is a very important config file for RPC client, you should configure the services you needed, then executing the egg-rpc-generator tool to generate the proxy files.


  •    Javascript

A microservices framework for Node.js

egg-cache - 💾Cache plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

All store engine based on cache-manager can be used. Refer to Issues.

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