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Nim - Nim is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language with a design that focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance (in the order of priority)

  •    Nim

This repository contains the Nim compiler, Nim's stdlib, tools and documentation. For more information about Nim, including downloads and documentation for the latest release, check out Nim's website.More platforms are supported, however they are not tested regularly and they may not be as stable as the above-listed platforms.

amber - A Crystal web framework that makes building applications fast, simple, and enjoyable

  •    Crystal

Productivity. Performance. Happiness. Amber makes building web applications fast, simple, and enjoyable - with fewer bugs and blazing fast performance.

ElegantRL - Lightweight, efficient and stable implementations of deep reinforcement learning algorithms using PyTorch

  •    Python

ElegantRL is featured with lightweight, efficient and stable, for researchers and practitioners. Lightweight: The core codes <1,000 lines (check elegantrl/tutorial), using PyTorch (train), OpenAI Gym (env), NumPy, Matplotlib (plot).

slimmable_networks - Slimmable Networks, AutoSlim, and Beyond, ICLR 2019, and ICCV 2019

  •    Python

Illustration of slimmable neural networks. The same model can run at different widths (number of active channels), permitting instant and adaptive accuracy-efficiency trade-offs. Illustration of universally slimmable networks. The same model can run at arbitrary widths.

cista - Cista is a simple, high-performance, zero-copy C++ serialization & reflection library.

  •    C++

Cista++ is a simple, open source (MIT license) C++17 compatible way of (de-)serializing C++ data structures. Single header - no dependencies. No macros. No source code generation.

mockolo - Efficient Mock Generator for Swift

  •    Swift

Mockolo is an efficient mock generator for Swift. Swift doesn't provide mocking support, and Mockolo provides a fast and easy way to autogenerate mock objects that can be tested in your code. One of the main objectives of Mockolo is fast performance. Unlike other frameworks, Mockolo provides highly performant and scalable generation of mocks via a lightweight commandline tool, so it can run as part of a linter or a build if one chooses to do so. Try Mockolo and enhance your project's test coverage in an effective, performant way. One of the main objectives of this project is high performance. There aren't many 3rd party tools that perform fast on a large codebase containing, for example, over 2M LoC or over 10K protocols. They take several hours and even with caching enabled take several minutes. Mockolo was built to make highly performant generation of mocks possible (in the magnitude of seconds) on such large codebase. It uses a minimal set of frameworks necessary (mentioned in the Used libraries section) to keep the code lean and efficient.

lizard - Lizard (formerly LZ5) is an efficient compressor with very fast decompression

  •    C

Lizard library is based on frequently used LZ4 library by Yann Collet but the Lizard compression format is not compatible with LZ4. Lizard library is provided as open-source software using BSD 2-Clause license. The high compression/decompression speed is achieved without any SSE and AVX extensions. The following results are obtained with lzbench and -t16,16 using 1 core of Intel Core i5-4300U, Windows 10 64-bit (MinGW-w64 compilation under gcc 6.2.0) with silesia.tar which contains tarred files from Silesia compression corpus.

slice-lines - Fast algorithm for extracting a subset of lines from a string

  •    Javascript

Very efficient module for extracting a subset of lines from a string. Similar to str.slice(beginIndex, endIndex) except that the indexes are lines instead of bytes.

JSON-For-Mirc - JSON parser for mIRC

  •    Javascript

A script to parse and then access JSON from within mIRC. "But Mr. Reject, there's plenty of these scripts! Why create another?" Well, little one, I find that most of those scripts trade in efficiency for simplicity. Generally speaking most JSON scripts for mIRC reparse the json data each time that data needs to be accessed.

memcache - NodeJS memcached client with the most efficient ASCII protocol parser

  •    Javascript

NodeJS memcached client with the most efficient ASCII protocol parser. This repo uses lerna to manage multiple packages.

base32768 - Binary-to-text encoding highly optimised for UTF-16

  •    Javascript

Base32768 is a binary encoding optimised for UTF-16-encoded text. This JavaScript module, base32768, is the first implementation of this encoding. The efficiency chart speaks for itself. Efficiency ratings are averaged over long inputs. Higher is better.