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LightGBM - A fast, distributed, high performance gradient boosting (GBDT, GBRT, GBM or MART) framework based on decision tree algorithms, used for ranking, classification and many other machine learning tasks

  •    C++

For more details, please refer to Features.Experiments on public datasets show that LightGBM can outperform existing boosting frameworks on both efficiency and accuracy, with significantly lower memory consumption. What's more, the experiments show that LightGBM can achieve a linear speed-up by using multiple machines for training in specific settings.

pouch - Pouch is an open-source project created to promote the container technology movement.

  •    Go

Pouch is an open-source project created by Alibaba Group to promote the container technology movement. Pouch's vision is to advance container ecosystem and promote container standards OCI(Open Container Initiative), so that container technologies become the foundation for application development in the Cloud era.

crystal - The Crystal Programming Language

  •    Crystal

We love Ruby's efficiency for writing code. We love C's efficiency for running code.

Energy Efficiency Calculator Webpart


Understanding how energy is used in your home is the first step toward managing your energy costs. Enter how many of each item you have in each room and the approximate hours per week that the item is used. the calculator will estimate you energy costs in a month.

Dambach Multi-Core Library


The Dambach Multi-Core Library makes it easy to create .Net programs that run faster on multi-core machines than their traditionally programmed counterparts.

void - terminal-based personal organizer

  •    Rust

WARNING: this is alpha, and the default keybinds are still weird because I use colemak on top of tmux. You may want to change them, by setting the KEYFILE env var to the path to a key remap file. In the future, I may add optional modal editing to bring it more in-line with vim. Right now I'm not sure it's worth the extra keystrokes. This is an attempt to address several cognitive defects.

chronix.server - The Chronix Server implementation that is based on Apache Solr.

  •    Java

The Chronix Server is an implementation of the Chronix API that stores time series in Apache Solr. Chronix uses several techniques to optimize query times and storage demand. Thus Chronix achieves on a benchmark asking serveral ranges (.5 day up to 180 days) an average runtime per range-query of 23 milliseconds. The dataset contains about 3.7 billion pairs and takes 108 GB serialized as CSV. Chronix needs only 8.7 GB to store the dataset. Everything runs on a standard laptop computer. No need of clustering, parallel processing or another complex stuff. Check it out and give it a try. The repository chronix.examples contains some examples.

leto - Langage-agnostic Engine for Text Operations

  •    Javascript

Leto is a general purpose text wrangler that can help automate tasks in any language, on any major platform. Do you find yourself writing the same code over and over? Do you waste time running search replace, looking up command line arguments, or otherwise doing non-dev work? Leto is built for you! Run complicated procedures in seconds, and automate away all your busy work.

slippery - Slippery - collections of useful decorators for different phases of development software

  •    Python

Slippery - collections of useful decorators for performance checking, profiling, disassembling, pretty output of data structures and more. To use this library you need to pay 25 schmeckles.

ampline - amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands

  •    Javascript

amp up your command line. No longer will you find yourself copy-pasting long paths into git add, or tab-completing deep directory structures.

js-symbol-tree - Turn any collection of objects into its own efficient tree or linked list using Symbol

  •    Javascript

Turn any collection of objects into its own efficient tree or linked list using Symbol. This library has been designed to provide an efficient backing data structure for DOM trees. You can also use this library as an efficient linked list. Any meta data is stored on your objects directly, which ensures any kind of insertion or deletion is performed in constant time. Because an ES6 Symbol is used, the meta data does not interfere with your object in any way.

plusastab - A jQuery plugin to use the numpad plus key (configurable) as a tab key equivalent.

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin to use the numpad plus key (configurable) as a tab key equivalent. With PlusAsTab, elements can be marked as plussable, allowing the user to use the + on the numeric keypad (numpad or tenkey for short) to navigate page. For numeric input it is closer than the tab key and therefor increases input speed and allows for one-handed entry in multiple fields.

skipontab - A jQuery plugin to exempt selected form fields from the forward tab order.

  •    Javascript

When using tab to navigate through a form, skipping some fields will reduce key presses for the normal use cases. Skipped fields can still be navigated to by keyboard; once skipped and focusing the next form field, use shift-tab to step back. Mouse or touch navigation is unaffected. This library is most useful when the users are familiar with the form, and uses it regularly. Casual users may not feel as comfortable - then again, if they are already using the tab button, they might see it as an optimization.

rapid-bootstrap-v4 - «Rapid Bootstrap V4» is a toolkit for kickstarting web-projects, apps, and more

  •    HTML

«Rapid Bootstrap V4» is a toolkit for kickstarting web-projects, apps, and more. It includes the essential set of CSS elements optimized for perfect typography, a super simple fluid grid system and everything else necessary to develop mobile friendly content. It is optimized for speed and efficiency, only 2kb gzipped, and will support all major desktop and mobile browsers. One of the cleanest and simplest bootstraps you will ever get you hands on. Please support humans.txt (http://humanstxt.org/). It's an initiative for knowing the people behind a website. It's a TXT file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.

code-optimization-methods - A summary of code optimization methods


Both computational complexity theory 2 and code optimization techniques 1 , have the common goal of efficient problem solution. While they are related to each other and share some concepts, the difference lies in what is emphasized at each time. Computational complexity theory, studies the performance with respect to input data size. Trying to design algorithmic solutions that have the least / fastest dependence on data size, regardless of underlying architecture. Code optimization techniques, on the other hand, focus on the architecture and the specific constants which enter those computational complexity estimations.

gulp-qcss - write css quickly as rocket!

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin for writing css quickly as rocket!.

redux-lists - Efficiently manage collections with redux

  •    Javascript

Redux lists middleware is a tool to manage the models (like User, Article, Product for instance) in your application in an optimized and simple way. If you are used to redux, you probably already are thinking about how you are going to store those objects in the state-tree, the action creators and the selectors that you will have to make to get that data from the tree.

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