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grafanalib - Python library for building Grafana dashboards

  •    Python

Do you like Grafana but wish you could version your dashboard configuration? Do you find yourself repeating common patterns? If so, grafanalib is for you. grafanalib lets you generate Grafana dashboards from simple Python scripts.

lux - Lux is an EDSL for WebGL graphics and shading

  •    Javascript

Lux provides a set of primitives that make WebGL programming easier and cleaner. Lux is under heavy development, so the current state of documentation is less than ideal. Still, I make a serious effort to keep all the Lux demos working, and you can see them live here.

mixfix-clj - mixfix syntax for clojure

  •    Clojure

Provides mixfix syntax for Clojure language. You can also easily define nice syntax of your next EDSL.

ink - Parity's ink to write smart contracts

  •    Rust

IMPORTANT NOTE: WORK IN PROGRESS! Do not expect this to be working. ink! is an eDSL to write WebAssembly based smart contracts using the Rust programming language targeting Substrate blockchains.

genspio - Generate Shell Phrases In OCaml

  •    OCaml

Genspio is a typed EDSL to generate shell scripts and commands from OCaml. The idea is to build values of type 'a EDSL.t with the combinators in the Genspio.EDSL module, and compile them to POSIX shell scripts (or one-liners) with functions from Genspio.Compile. See the file src/examples/small.ml which generates a useful list of usage examples, or the section “Getting Started” below.

ketrew - Keep Track of Experimental Workflows

  •    OCaml

See also the documentation for various releases. Ketrew is very flexible and hence may seem difficult to understand and setup at first. Let's get a minimal setup ready and a workflow running on it.

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