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sente - Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script

  •    Clojure

Sente is a small client+server library that makes it easy to build reliable, high-performance realtime web applications with Clojure + ClojureScript.Sen-te (先手) is a Japanese Go term used to describe a play with such an overwhelming follow-up that it demands an immediate response, leaving its player with the initiative.

calva - Calva: Clojure & Clojurescript interactive programming made easy - Evaluate code, run tests, navigate to definitions, see docs, interactive REPLs, etcetera

  •    TypeScript

Welcome to Calva, an easy to use, integrated REPL powered environment for enjoyable and productive Clojure and ClojureScript coding. It includes inline code evaluation, Paredit (and some little Parinfer), a Clojure formatter, a test runner, Clojure syntax highlighting, and more. Much of the power is provided by The Orchard. Calva is short for Calvados, a liquid gifted to humanity from God. It is distilled from Cider.

fipp - Fast Idiomatic Pretty Printer for Clojure

  •    Clojure

Fipp is a better pretty printer for Clojure and ClojureScript. Like clojure.pprint, this pretty printer has a linear runtime and uses bounded space. However, unlike clojure.pprint, Fipp's implementation is tuned for great performance and has a functional, data-driven API.

edn_format - EDN reader and writer implementation in Python, using PLY (lex, yacc)

  •    Python

Implements the EDN format in Python. In general, edn_format.loads(edn_format.dumps(obj)) == obj. If this is false, it may be a bug.

datomicism - interface for visualizing datomic schemas and queries

  •    Javascript

#datomicism An interface for visualizing datomic schemas and queries. It may be easiest to watch the video to get a quick overview.

jsedn - javascript implementation of edn

  •    Javascript

A javascript implementation of edn. To see it in action checkout the edn playground. If you open your browser console you will have access to a global jsedn object with which you can try things beside JSON encoding. I recommend jsedn.unify("[?x was always better than ?y]", {x: "sonic", y: "mario"}).jsEncode(). Use jsedn.js, which is a standalone version that will provide a global "jsedn".

patomic - An Object Oriented PHP interface for the Datomic REST API

  •    PHP

Once you have met the requirements and downloaded Datomic. Now create a new directory somewhere on your hard drive which will hold your new Patomic project files.

fif - Stack-based Programming in Clojure(script)

  •    Clojure

fif is a Stack-based Programming Language in Clojure(script). It is interpreted, extensible, and simple. It was developed to be its own sandboxed scripting language to perform operations on clojure(script) applications. fif is based off of Forth, but has adopted clojures core libraries for familiarity. This could be relaxed to clojure 1.7 with interest.

muuntaja - Clojure library for fast http api format negotiation, encoding and decoding.

  •    Clojure

Clojure library for fast http format negotiation, encoding and decoding. Standalone library, but ships with adapters for ring (async) middleware & Pedestal-style interceptors. Explicit & extendable, supporting out-of-the-box JSON, EDN and Transit (both JSON & Msgpack). Ships with optional adapters for MessagePack and YAML. Based on ring-middleware-format, but a complete rewrite (and up to 30x faster).

clj-rn - A utility for building ClojureScript-based React Native apps

  •    Clojure

This small lib provides ability to start development with just one command and some basic functionality that re-natal has: enable-source-maps and rebuild-index, which is equivalence of re-natal's enable-source-maps, use-*-device, use-figwheel.

walkable - A serious way to fetch data from SQL using Clojure(script): Datomic® (GraphQL-ish) pull syntax, data driven configuration, dynamic filtering with relations in mind

  •    Clojure

Everything you need from an SQL database should be within walking distance. Data dominates. If you’ve chosen the right data structures and organized things well, the algorithms will almost always be self-evident. Data structures, not algorithms, are central to programming.


  •    Clojure

Development requires Deps and CLI tooling installed. Run figwheel using clojure -A:figwheel.

eq - jq, but for EDN.

  •    Clojure

Like jq, but for EDN (and a lot less powerful). If no path is given, eq reads from stdin. The default selector is . (just like jq).

dyn-edn - Dynamic properties in EDN content

  •    Clojure

Often, especially in production, you don’t know all of the configuration until your application is actually started. For example, in a cloud provider, important IP addresses and port numbers are often assigned dynamically. This information is provided to the processes via environment variables. This approach has been codified as part of the 12-Factor App manifesto.

edn - Go implementation of EDN (Extensible Data Notation)

  •    Go

go-edn is a Golang library to read and write EDN (extensible data notation), a subset of Clojure used for transferring data between applications, much like JSON or XML. EDN is also a very good language for configuration files, much like a JSON-like version of YAML. This library is heavily influenced by the JSON library that ships with Go, and people familiar with that package should know the basics of how this library works. In fact, this should be close to a drop-in replacement for the encoding/json package if you only use basic functionality.

Eden - edn (extensible data notation) encoder/decoder for Elixir

  •    Elixir

edn (extensible data notation) encoder/decoder implemented in Elixir. There is no way of distinguishing a common integer from the representation of a character in a String or in Char lists. This forces the creation of a new representation for this type so it can be correctly translated from and to edn.

hyperfiddle - a Hypermedia Function

  •    Clojure

Hyperfiddle isolates your web clients from I/O, so your code can stay pure. If React.js is managed DOM, Hyperfiddle is managed network and database. This enables a new kind of composable primitive for constructing web software, with paradigm-changing implications. The hardest part of web dev is I/O: data sync between database, various services, UI and then back to the database. An async, slow, failure-prone concern wired throughout the full stack, and the reason why we all code the same web boilerplate over and over again, year after year – a collosal, industry-wide failure to abstract.

edamame - EDN parser with location metadata and pluggable dispatch table.

  •    Clojure

EDN parser with location metadata and pluggable dispatch table. This library came out of sci, a small Clojure interpreter.

jet - CLI to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit, powered with a minimal query language.

  •    Clojure

CLI to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit, powered with a minimal query language. This is a command line tool to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit, powered with a minimal query language. It runs as a GraalVM binary with fast startup time which makes it suited for shell scripting. It comes with a query language to do intermediate transformation. It may seem familiar to users of jq.

calva-fmt - VS Code extension for formatting Clojure & ClojureScript code

  •    TypeScript

This used to be the Calva Formatter. Please check the Calva repository instead.

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