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ediFabric is a .NET library to convert EDI documents into typed .NET objects and vice verse. It can serialize\deserialize to\from XML.


Simple EDI reading\writing library + XmlReader over EDI data. Provides basic functionality sufficient to parse\read and write EDI streams. Currently X12 EDI only. Parser is general purpose, does not use maps\specifications, does not create XML hierarchy.


EDIVisualizer is a reader for different files fomats use in EDI (Electronic data interchange).

OopFactory X12 Parser

This is an open source .NET C# implementation of an X12 Parser. The parser allows for a specification of any X12 transaction set to create a generic X12 xml representation of the hierarchical data contained within the X12 document. No database integration is required by de...

BizTalk 2006 R2 - Hospital HIPAA Accelerator

This sample application demonstrates the ability to use BizTalk Server 2006 R2 for processing HIPAA Claims from a provider perspective. In this sample an 837 Institutional claim is processed by BizTalk and sent to either Availity (www.availity.com) or to an existing clearingh...

node-edi-parser - Node EDI parser based on node-csv-parser

This project provide EDI parsing and has been tested and used on large source file (over 2Gb). Then, simply copy or link the ./lib/edi.js file into your $HOME/.node_libraries folder or inside a declared path folder.