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Shuttle Service Bus


Shuttle Service Bus is a free open-source software project that aims to provide an enterprise ready service bus without any restrictions.

LibrePCB - A powerful, innovative and intuitive EDA tool for everyone

  •    C++

LibrePCB is a free EDA software to develop printed circuit boards. It is all-In-One: project management + library/schematic/board editors. It has very powerful library design with some innovative concepts, Intuitive, modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface, Multi-PCB feature (different PCB variants of the same schematic), Automatic netlist synchronisation between schematic and board.

fusesoc - FuseSoC is a package manager and a set of build tools for FPGA/ASIC development

  •    Python

FuseSoC is an award-winning package manager and a set of build tools for HDL (Hardware Description Language) code. Its main purpose is to increase reuse of IP (Intellectual Property) cores and be an aid for creating, building and simulating SoC solutions.

gocells - Tideland Go Cells

  •    Go

The Tideland Go Cells provide a package for the creation of event based applications with networked concurrently working cells. The way how they process the recevied events is defined by behaviors. During the processing of an event a cell can emit multiple events to its subscribers.Major package providing the infrastructure for event based applications. It is organized as an environment of networked cells. Each cell is controlled by its behavior implementing the according interface. It receives events, processes them, and can emit a number of new events during this time. Those events are then received by those cells which subscribed to the individual cell.

yavhdl - Yet Another VHDL tool

  •    Yacc

This is yet another attempt to build an open-source VHDL (IEEE 1076-2008) tool that performs parsing, semantic analysis, and elaboration. The goal is to at some point in the future integrate this with the yosys HDL synthesis tool. The initial parser is complete. Semantic analysis is being brainstormed.

qeda - The tool for easy creating electronic component libraries

  •    CoffeeScript

QEDA is a Node.js library aimed to simplify creating libraries of electronic components for using in EDA software. You can easily create both symbols for schematic and land patterns for PCB. First example will download component descriptions from library repository then save them to disk and add to library manager. Last string is to generate component library in KiCad format (schematic symbols for Eeschema as well as PCB footprints for PcbNew).

pcbdl - PCB Design Language: A programming way to design schematics.

  •    Python

A programming way to design schematics. A good way to try various features without having to write a file separately.

descriptr - Generate descriptive statistics

  •    R

The goal of descriptr is to ease the process of generating descriptive statistics and exploring statistical distributions. Use ds_launch_shiny_app() to explore the package using a shiny app.

HN_SO_analysis - Is there a relationship between popularity of a given technology on Stack Overflow (SO) and Hacker News (HN)? And a few words about causality

  •    Python

Stack Overflow and Hacker News are portals mainly (but not only) read and used by programmers and other people who occupy their (professional or free) time with writing code. Stack Overflow lets their users easily Stack Overflow (SO), an established in 2008 portal on which programmers help each other by asking and answering coding questions, lets their users easily find questions related to a certain programming language/framework/library etc. by tags. The questions and replies/comments are evaluated in a form of points so it is usually instantly obvious which answer was rated the highest (and therefore is considered as the best one by the community) or whether a described problem is reproducible, i.e. you can replicate it with a piece of code prepared by a person asking a question.


  •    Python

A Python Toolbox for Statistics and Neurophysiological Signal Processing (EEG, EDA, ECG, EMG...). This package provides a high level integration of complex statistical routines for researchers and clinicians with not much experience in programming, statistics or signal theory.

pykicad - Library for working with KiCAD file formats

  •    Python

There are multiple python scripts that read and write kicad file formats. Currently there is the problem that each project reimplements basic parsing and serialization of these formats. The aim of this project is to provide high quality and well tested format support so that other projects can focus on the interesting stuff.

sv2chisel - (System)Verilog to Chisel translator

  •    Scala

sv2chisel translates synthesizable (System)Verilog to low-level Chisel. The obtained Chisel is intended to be manually refactored to benefit from the advanced chisel's features such as type and functional parameterization thanks to Scala support for polymorphism and high-order functions.

Pinion - Generate interactive and nice-looking diagrams for your PCBs!

  •    Python

The documentation is available at https://yaqwsx.github.io/Pinion. Your support will allow me to allocate time to properly maintain my projects like this.

Eventual2PC - 最终一致性2PC范式,提供多聚合根之间交互事务的抽象接口。任何基于cqrs + eda 实现多聚合根最终一致性的框架,都可基于此接口进行实现,以达到提高开发效率的目的。

  •    CSharp

最终一致性2PC范式,提供多聚合根之间交互事务的抽象接口。任何基于cqrs + eda 实现多聚合根最终一致性的框架,都可基于此接口进行实现,以达到提高开发效率的目的。

A-TALE-OF-THREE-CITIES - Analyzing the safety (311) dataset published by Azure Open Datasets for Chicago, Boston and New York City using SparkR, SParkSQL, Azure Databricks, visualization using ggplot2 and leaflet

  •    R

With 174 hours of biking and a bit of ferry combined you can start from Boston, touch Chicago, and reach the city of New York. However different these cities are, they all have one thing in common the 311 service. A recent 15-city study of 311 by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that the average cost per 311 call is $3.39. Detroit came in with the highest cost per call at a whopping $7.78. Despite the excessive costs, cities do not appear to be slowing their migration to 311. In fact, many are pushing forward with faith that the increased efficiency, streamlined processes and customer satisfaction they achieve will ultimately pay off (Brown, 2012) .

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