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ecs-deploy - CLI tool to simplify Amazon ECS deployments

  •    Python

ecs-deploy simplifies deployments on Amazon ECS by providing a convinience CLI tool for complex actions, which are executed pretty often. Alternatively you can pass the AWS credentials (via --access-key-id and --secret-access-key) or the AWS configuration profile (via --profile) as options when you run ecs.

amazon-ecs-nodejs-microservices - Reference architecture that shows how to take a Node

  •    Shell

This is a reference architecture that shows the evolution of a Node.js application from a monolithic application that is deployed directly onto instances with no containerization or orchestration, to a containerized microservices architecture orchestrated using Amazon EC2 Container Service.

ecs-host-service-scale - Extending ECS Auto-scaling for under $2/month with Lambda

  •    Python

A Lambda function to ensure an ECS Service is set to the correct Desired Count for a One-Task-Per-Host placement value for any cluster that runs the Service. The function is meant to be deployed as a non-VPC Lambda function. It will probably work in a VPC environment, given an Internet Gateway and proper permissions, but it simply does not need access to any in-VPC resources, only AWS API calls.

broadside - Command-line tool for AWS ECS deploys

  •    Ruby

Amazon ECS presents a low barrier to entry for production-level docker applications. Combined with ECS's built-in blue-green deployment, Elastic Load Balancers, Autoscale Groups, and CloudWatch, one can theoretically set up a robust cluster that can scale to serve any number of applications in a short amount of time. The ECS GUI, CLI, and overall architecture are not the easiest to work with, however, so Broadside seeks to leverage the ECS ruby API to dramatically simplify and improve the configuration and deployment process for developers, offering a simple command line interface and configuration format that should meet most needs. Broadside does not attempt to handle operational tasks like infrastructure setup and configuration, which are better suited to tools like terraform.

ecs-cfn-refarch - Amazon ECS reference architecture

  •    Python

check the cloudformation output and click the LoadBalancerURL link to see the result.

terraform-aws-ecs-web-service - A Terraform module to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Container Service (ECS) service associated with an Application Load Balancer (ALB)

  •    HCL

A Terraform module to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Container Service (ECS) service associated with an Application Load Balancer (ALB). Note: A security group for the service load balancer is created within the module without any rules. Use the lb_security_group_id output along with aws_security_group_rule as seen in the example above to add your own security group rules.