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i18next - i18next: learn once - translate everywhere

  •    Javascript

i18next is a very popular internationalization framework for browser or any other javascript environment (eg. node.js). Our focus is providing the core to building a booming ecosystem. Independent of the building blocks you choose, be it react, angular or even good old jquery proper translation capabilities are just one step away.

slog - Structured, contextual, extensible, composable logging for Rust

  •    Rust

slog is an ecosystem of reusable components for structured, extensible, composable and contextual logging for Rust. The ambition is to be The Logging Library for Rust. slog should accommodate a variety of logging features and requirements. If there is a feature that you need and standard log crate is missing, slog should have it.

text-modules - :pencil2: a list of text/font modules

  •    Javascript

A collection of modules for processing, manipulating, and rendering text and fonts in Node and the browser. Please open an issue or submit a PR for suggestions/improvements.Parses BMFont file formats to a standardized JSON.

neco - Nodejs Ecosystem COordinator

  •    Javascript

Nodejs Ecosyste COordinator, just like vitualenv for python. An nodejs ecosystem = nodejs (+ npm (+ modules (+ Your applications))).

ecosystem - Perl 6 ecosystem -- modules and more

  •    Perl

We, the module installer developers, hereby decree... Too official? Ok, I'll go again.

field-guide-to-the-r-ecosystem - This guide aims to introduce the reader to the main features of the R ecosystem


This guide aims to introduce the reader to the main features of the R ecosystem. Go to the field guide website.

connector-sdk - An SDK to connect events to OpenFaaS Functions

  •    Go

The Connector SDK is a Go library for building event-connectors for OpenFaaS. Read my Tweet about the topic.

landscapeapp - 🌄Upstream landscape generation application

  •    Javascript

The landscapeapp is an upstream NPM module that supports building interactive landscape websites such as the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape (source) and the LF Deep Learning Foundation Landscape (source). The application has been developed by Andrey Kozlov and Dan Kohn of CNCF. If you want to create an interactive landscape for your project or organization, the easiest process is to fork the LFDL landscape, since it only has a single landscape image. Edit settings.yml, landscape.yml, and members.yml for your topic. Then create a Netlify account (or similar) to automatically build and publish the static site on every commit.

ctsm - Community Terrestrial Systems Model (includes the Community Land Model of CESM)

  •    Fortran

The Community Terrestrial Systems Model. This includes the Community Land Model (CLM5.0 and CLM4.5) of the Community Earth System Model.

PyConTW2013Tutorial - Python Conference Taiwan 2013 Tutorial

  •    Python

The PyConTW organizer wishes to improve the quality and quantity of the programming cummunities in Taiwan. Though Python is their core tool and methodology, they know it's worth to learn and communicate with wide-ranging communities. Understanding cultures and ecosystem of a language takes me about three to six months. This six-hour course wraps up what I - an experienced Java developer - have learned from Python ecosystem and the agenda of the past PyConTW. Watch PyCon Taiwan 2013 Tutorial online.