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ECO contrib

  •    DotNet

ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.

SQL CE 3.5 and 4.0 persistence mapper for ECO 4 and 6

  •    CSharp

Will need recompilation for ECO V

SqlCondition for the CapableObject's ECO framework.


ECO is a tool for Domain Driven Development from Capable Objects (www.capableobjects.com). ECO uses OCL for loading objects from the database backend. Loading objects by SQL is currently not supported. This project aims to fill that gap, until ECO provides that support.

hem - Bundler for Node/CommonJS/Web Apps

  •    Javascript

stitches CommonJS, and ties up other lose ends of web-app development.

ecoify - browserify v2 plugin for eco templates.

  •    Javascript

browserify v2 plugin for eco templates.

layouts - Wraps templates with layouts

  •    Javascript

Wraps templates with layouts. Layouts can use other layouts and be nested to any depth. This can be used 100% standalone to wrap any kind of file with banners, headers or footer content. Use for markdown, HTML, handlebars views, lo-dash templates, etc. Layouts can also be vinyl files. Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

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