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hls.js - JavaScript HLS client using Media Source Extension

  •    Javascript

hls.js is a JavaScript library which implements an HTTP Live Streaming client. It relies on HTML5 video and MediaSource Extensions for playback. hls.js does not need any player, it works directly on top of a standard HTML<video>element.

autopolyfiller - Autopolyfiller — Precise polyfills

  •    Javascript

This is like Autoprefixer, but for JavaScript polyfills. It scans your code and applies only required polyfills. Live example. Assume you code is Object.keys(window). Object.keys polyfill is required to run it in any browser (include IE7). On the other hand this code can be executed on iOS 7 Safari without any polyfills. AutoPolyfiller knows about ES5 and ES6 features and their support in browsers. It can help you to write cutting-edge JavaScript without thinking about ES shims and shivs.

broccoli-babel-transpiler - Broccoli plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

A Broccoli plugin which transpiles ES6 to readable ES5 (and much more) by using Babel.You'll find three example projects using this plugin in the repository broccoli-babel-examples. Each one of them builds on top of the previous example so you can progess from bare minimum to ambitious development.

co-rethinkdb - Generator/Promise based querying goodness for RethinkDB

  •    Javascript

RethinkDB querying language for co. This library provides a wrapper for RethinkDB's JavaScript driver. With RethinkDB 1.13 the official JavaScript driver supports Promises. Since co supports Promises directly, a wrapper is not required anymore. However, co-rethinkdb still supports some API goodness by not having to call .run() all the time.

grunt-traceur-build - Compiles ECMAScript 6 (harmony) files, optionally merging and generating source maps

  •    Javascript

Grunt task that uses google traceur compiler to build ECMAScript 6 (harmony) projects, optionally merging and generating source maps. Almost all options are passed to the traceur compiler directly, see the section below for the default values.

dragon - Hypothesis: What if Backbone were created today, with ES 6&7, Virtual DOM, etc?

  •    Javascript

What if Backbone were to be created today? What would the project look like? With ECMAScript 6 & 7, HTML5 pushState, Virtual DOM / Incremental DOM / etc., new ways of data-binding, etc., front-end development has evolved. This project sets out to see what such an evolution would look like from scratch. See the change log.

midio - midio will work really hard to generate you endlessly interesting audio on the fly.

  •    TypeScript

midio is a web-based generative synthesizer "radio" which uses the Web Audio API and TypeScript to create intertwining, evolving musical phrases on the fly. midio started as a randomly generated sequence of MIDI notes based on a scale, then it was moved forward by my curiosity toward functional programming and the Web Audio API.

js-aco - A visual demo of Ant Colony Optimisation applied to TSP written in Javascript

  •    Javascript

JS ACO is a visual demo of Ant Colony Optimisation written in Javascript (ES6). It contains basic example of how ACO works given a randomly generated TSP. The basic parameters of the Ant System are available to be tuned. The UI will show the current optimum tour, and also a heat map of the heuristic (distance) matrix plus a pheromone matrix. This information will update as the algorithm runs.

iojs-api-example - Example of API RESTful written in IO.js with ECMAScript 6

  •    Javascript

The script clones the nvm repository to ~/.nvm and adds the source line to your profile (~/.bash_profile, ~/.zshrc or ~/.profile). The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

react-fetch - Example of use React in a webapp with ES6 features

  •    Javascript

Example of use React in a webapp with ES6 features

es6-guide - Comparison between ECMA5 and ECMA6 features


Arrows are a function shorthand using the => syntax. They are syntactically similar to the related feature in C#, Java 8 and CoffeeScript. They support both expression and statement bodies. Unlike functions, arrows share the same lexical this as their surrounding code. ES6 classes are a simple sugar over the prototype-based OO pattern. Having a single convenient declarative form makes class patterns easier to use, and encourages interoperability. Classes support prototype-based inheritance, super calls, instance and static methods and constructors.

angular-webpack-config - Shared Webpack config for Angular SPA/Universal development (w/Dll Bundles, Hard Source plugins)

  •    Javascript

Please support this project by simply putting a Github star. Share this library with friends on Twitter and everywhere else you can. Note: You should have already installed Webpack.

toy_lang - The first language I made.

  •    Javascript

Toy lang was started from a gist. It's the first language I made. ES6 modules support is required.

angular-decorators - A collection of utilities and annotations that make it easier to write Angular 2 style code in AngularJS 1

  •    Javascript

angular-decorators is a library of ES7 decorators for writing Angular 2 style code in AngularJS. Notice: While angular-decorators is stable and ready for production, it will not be receiving new feature development. In the future, this project will be deprecated in favor of the community fork of angular-decorators called ng-forward. For more information on the ng-forward project, checkout this talk by Pete Bacon Darwin.

es5-ext - ECMAScript extensions (with respect to upcoming ECMAScript features)

  •    Javascript

Shims for upcoming ES6 standard and other goodies implemented strictly with ECMAScript conventions in mind. It's designed to be used in compliant ECMAScript 5 or ECMAScript 6 environments. Older environments are not supported, although most of the features should work with correct ECMAScript 5 shim on board.

rethinkdb-co - Harness RethinkDB Callbacks with ECMAScript 6 Generators

  •    CoffeeScript

Return the result you would expect from rethinkdb client. If the query returns a cursor, run cursor.toArray() for you, since that's probably what you want.

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