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react-native-shop-ui - A react native clothes shopping app UI.

  •    Javascript

A creative and modern clothes shopping app design for react-native using the native-base UI components. It works well with both IOS and Android. Updating the codebase will require changes to the .js files in the src/ folder. Individual pages can be edited by editing the .js files in src/page/. Re-usable components can be edited by editing the .js files in src/component/.

spaciblo-core - An implementation of the Spaciblō concepts using WebGL and WebVR on Go and ES6

  •    Javascript

The Spaciblō project builds hosting tools for browser based, social, 3D spaces. The Spaciblō repository holds the project-wide documents and the wiki.

react-firebase-t3chfest - T3chFest 2017 Workshop about React + Firebase

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Below you will find some information on how to perform common tasks. You can find the most recent version of this guide here.

gulp-es6 - Gulpfile setup for Javascript ES6 compiling, plus SCSS, images, and fonts handling

  •    Javascript

Gulpfile setup for Javascript ES6 compiling, plus SCSS, images, and fonts handling

dough - React/Redux + SASS + Gulp/Browserify/Babel skeleton codebase with demo application.

  •    Javascript

A starting point for a static JavaScript application. Ideal for projects that just require hosting off of Amazon S3. Includes development and production NPM scripts, an easy to understand folder hierarchy, and example code to get started quickly. You'll need git, nodejs 6+ and npm installed. Then you'll need to perform these steps.

elixir-cowboy-react-spa - Example application that shows how to use Cowboy 2

  •    Javascript

This is an example application that shows how to use Cowboy 2.0 in conjunction with React and Redux to create data driven Single Page Applications. Demo available here.

realtime-todo-app - Realtime Todo application developed with Kemal, React, ES2015 and PostgreSQL

  •    Javascript

Once you have installed the dependencies and configured the database path, you need to create the actual database and table for the application. You do that by running $ crystal src/db/init_db.cr. Once you have run the program, you can open a browser window at localthost:3000 and see the actual app. You can open the app in several browser windows and see how they change in real time via websockets. In the first option you can also pass the port number as an argument to the program, like this ./notes --port <port-number> and the program will show at http://<server-ip-number>:<port-number>.

vanillajs-deck - A Vanilla

  •    Javascript

Spin up your favorite web server and point it to the root directory. There are no builds involved.

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