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echo-sonos - Amazon Echo integration with Sonos

  •    Javascript

All of the pieces for an Amazon Echo (Alexa) <-> Sonos integration. echo-sonos supports Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Deezer Elite, Sonos playlists, Sonos favorites, SiriusXM, the local Sonos music library, and configurable node-sonos-http-api presets.

mashape-oauth - OAuth Modules for Node

  •    Javascript

If you're looking for the popular OAuth Bible, here it is. It extensively explains the multitude of OAuth flows and how OAuth works. Require the library and the one you wish to use.

alexa-app - A framework for Alexa (Amazon Echo) apps using Node.js

  •    Javascript

You're reading the documentation for the next release of alexa-app, which should be 4.3.0. Please see CHANGELOG and make sure to read UPGRADING when upgrading from a previous version. The current stable release is 4.2.3. This module parses HTTP JSON requests from the Alexa platform and builds the JSON response that consumed by an Alexa-compatible device, such as the Echo.

node-echo - node.js echo server, returns request data to response

  •    Javascript

node.js echo server, returns request data to response

flask-ask - Alexa Skills Kit for Python

  •    Python

Flask-Ask is a Flask extension that makes building Alexa skills for the Amazon Echo easier and much more fun. More code examples are in the samples directory.

grunt-preprocess - Preprocess files based off environment configuration

  •    Javascript

The additional context on top of ENV that should be passed to templates. If NODE_ENV is not set, the task sets it to development by default.

echo - Echo converts HTML tables into JSON/CSV objects. Use it to make html data easy to transport.

  •    Javascript

Echo is able to read tables from a website or a html file and convert it to JSON or CSV. Perfect for saving data from a website and loading it into excel, database, etc. For our examples we will be using the tables from www.coolgithubprojects.com. We use .convert for local HTML files and .convertUrl for online retrieval.

alexa-skill-kit - Library for effortless Alexa Skill development with AWS Lambda

  •    Javascript

Library for effortless Alexa Skill development with AWS Lambda. Alexa Skill Kit is a library that simplifies the development of Alexa Skills with Node.js and AWS Lambda. It doesn't require any specific deploy style, it can work with manually created Lambda functions, deployment via Claudia.js, etc.

http-echo-server - A simple HTTP echo server

  •    Javascript

Will accept any TCP connection and echo back a HTTP response with the entire content of the incoming TCP connection.The server makes no attempt to understand the incoming HTTP request hence it doesn't know when the request is completed and therefore just terminates the TCP connection 2 seconds after the first data packet.

chatskills - Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line

  •    Javascript

Run Alexa apps on the command-line. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! Supports Amazon Alexa skills and intents. Chatskills does not require a server and can run directly in the console. It can also run on the web, or Slack, or anywhere. It handles requests from multiple users and maintains session memory. When a user starts a conversation with one of the skills, the skill continues to execute within a session context, until the skill terminates.

echomd - A terminal oriented MD like syntax

  •    Perl

An md like conversion tool for shell terminals. Fully inspired by the work of John Gruber, echomd is a Markdown flavor that targets terminals and consoles.

consolemd - Bringing echomd to console.

  •    Javascript

The echomd conversion tool for browsers and console. Please note if you want to use original version of a method you can console.log.raw('do *it*').


  •    Javascript

example ES6 module; consumable by via npm by any ES5 targetting lang impl

echo-scaffold - Echo scaffold is CLI to generate scaffolds for the echo framework.

  •    Go

Echo Scaffold is CLI to generate scaffolds for the echo framework. For now the project only supports mongodb and mgo as database.

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