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ring - Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

  •    Rust

ring is focused on the implementation, testing, and optimization of a core set of cryptographic operations exposed via an easy-to-use (and hard-to-misuse) API. ring exposes a Rust API and is written in a hybrid of Rust, C, and assembly language. ring is focused on general-purpose cryptography. WebPKI X.509 certificate validation is done in the webpki project, which is built on top of ring. Also, multiple groups are working on implementations of cryptographic protocols like TLS, SSH, and DNSSEC on top of ring.

ggwave - Tiny data-over-sound library

  •    C++

Tiny data-over-sound library. This library allows you to communicate small amounts of data between air-gapped devices using sound. It implements a simple FSK-based transmission protocol that can be easily integrated in various projects. The bandwidth rate is between 8-16 bytes/sec depending on the protocol parameters. Error correction codes (ECC) are used to improve demodulation robustness.

libsodium.js - libsodium compiled to Webassembly and pure JavaScript, with convenient wrappers

  •    HTML

The sodium crypto library compiled to WebAssembly and pure Javascript using Emscripten, with automatically generated wrappers to make it easy to use in web applications. The complete library weights 188 Kb (minified, gzipped, includes pure js + webassembly versions) and can run in a web browser as well as server-side.

py-seccure - SECCURE compatible Elliptic Curve cryptography in Python

  •    Python

Simple Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Python compatible with the excellent SECCURE command line utility (version 0.5). It's licensed under LGPLv3. See LICENSE. Do not use ``py-seccure`` when its operation can be timed by an attacker. See timing attack.

gokey - A simple vaultless password manager in Go

  •    Go

gokey is a password manager, which does not require a password vault. Instead of storing your passwords in a vault it derives your password on the fly from your master password and supplied realm string (for example, resource URL). This way you do not have to manage, backup or sync your password vault (or trust its management to a third party) as your passwords are available immediately anywhere. The gokey binary should appear in your $GOPATH/bin directory.

salty - Alternative public key encryption using NaCl

  •    Javascript

Salty is a nodejs-powered CLI-based alternative to PGP/GPG using NaCl instead of RSA/DSA. Commits and tags in this repo are signed with GPG key 5FBB 2F98 3862 1AFF.

ecc-jsbn - ECC package based on JSBN

  •    Javascript

ECC package based on jsbn from Tom Wu. This is a subset of the same interface as the node compiled module, but works in the browser too.

EOS-Offline-Private-key-check - Offline tool to verify your EOS private key and mapping to public key

  •    Javascript

Simple tool to verify your EOS key and find out the public key. This was requested by several users and something we created while waiting for EOS Dawn 3.0. This tool is brought to you by the EOS block producer candidate - EOS Authority. Should take no more than 2 minutes to check your key offline & securely.

libgoldilocks - An implementation of Mike Hamburg's Ed448 (Goldilocks) curve - derived from libdecaf

  •    C

The Goldilocks library is a production library, providing the ed448 elliptic curve. It is based on Mike Hamburg's libdecaf library: ed448goldilocks. This library is intended for developers who have experience with cryptography. It doesn't (yet?) include documentation on how to use digital signatures or key exchange securely. Consult your local cryptographer for advice.

goEncrypt - go语言封装的各种对称加密和非对称加密,可以直接使用,包括3重DES,AES的CBC和CTR模式,还有RSA非对称加密,ECC椭圆曲线的加密和数字签名

  •    Go


Crypt-LE - Crypt::LE (ZeroSSL project) - Let's Encrypt client and library in Perl for getting free SSL certificates (inc

  •    Perl

This module provides the functionality necessary to use Let's Encrypt API and generate free SSL certificates for your domains. It can also be used to generate private RSA (and from version 0.20 also ECC) keys or Certificate Signing Requests without resorting to openssl command line. Crypt::LE is shipped with a self-sufficient client for obtaining SSL certificates - le.pl. Both ACME v1 and ACME v2 protocols and wildcard certificate issuance are supported.

ecies-ed25519 - ECIES on Twisted Edwards Curve25519 using AES-GCM and HKDF-SHA256

  •    Rust

ECIES on Twisted Edwards Curve25519 using AES-GCM and HKDF-SHA256. ECIES can be used to encrypt data using a public key such that it can only be decrypted by the holder of the corresponding private key.

gnark-crypto - gnark-crypto provides elliptic curve cryptography (+pairing) on BN254, BLS12-381, BLS12-377, BW6-761

  •    Assembly

gnark-crypto has not been audited and is provided as-is, use at your own risk. In particular, gnark-crypto makes no security guarantees such as constant time implementation or side-channel attack resistance. gnark-crypto packages are optimized for 64bits architectures (x86 amd64) and tested on Unix (Linux / macOS).

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