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kubectl-trace - Schedule bpftrace programs on your kubernetes cluster using the kubectl

  •    Go

kubectl trace is a kubectl plugin that allows you to schedule the execution of bpftrace programs in your Kubernetes cluster. You can't find the package for your distro of choice? You are very welcome and encouraged to create it and then open an issue to inform us for review.

prototype-kernel - Prototyping kernel development work outside mainline

  •    C

This project and GitHub repository is meant for speeding up Linux Kernel development work, this also includes Documentation. The directory layout tries to keep close to the Kernel directory layout. This helps when/if upstreaming the work. This prototype-kernel was primarily meant for prototyping kernel modules (see blogpost).

rbpf - Rust virtual machine and JIT compiler for eBPF programs

  •    Rust

This crate contains a virtual machine for eBPF program execution. BPF, as in Berkeley Packet Filter, is an assembly-like language initially developed for BSD systems, in order to filter packets in the kernel with tools such as tcpdump so as to avoid useless copies to user-space. It was ported to Linux, where it evolved into eBPF (extended BPF), a faster version with more features. While BPF programs are originally intended to run in the kernel, the virtual machine of this crate enables running it in user-space applications; it contains an interpreter, an x86_64 JIT-compiler for eBPF programs, as well as a disassembler. It is based on Rich Lane's uBPF software, which does nearly the same, but is written in C.

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