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GreenSock-JS - GreenSock's GSAP JavaScript animation library (including Draggable).

  •    Javascript

GSAP is a JavaScript library for creating high-performance animations that work in every major browser. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, API efficiency, and tight control while solving real-world problems on over 4 million sites. GSAP works around countless browser inconsistencies; your animations 'just work'. CSS properties, SVG, canvas libraries, custom properties of generic objects, colors, strings...animate anything! At its core, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator, updating values over time with extreme accuracy. It's up to 20x faster than jQuery! See the "Why GSAP?" article for what makes GSAP so special. Unlike monolithic frameworks that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP is completely flexible; sprinkle it wherever you want. React, Vue, Angular or vanilla JS - doesn't matter. Simply put, GSAP is the most robust high-performance animation library on the planet, which is probably why every major ad network excludes it from file size calculations.

react-move - React Move 🌀 Beautiful, data-driven animations for React

  •    Javascript

Beautiful, data-driven animations for React. React-move allows you to define your animations using durations, delays and ease functions. In react-motion you use spring configurations to define your animations.

bezier-easing - cubic-bezier implementation for your JavaScript animation easings – MIT License

  •    Javascript

BezierEasing provides Cubic Bezier Curve easing which generalizes easing functions (ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out, ...any other custom curve) exactly like in CSS Transitions. Implementing efficient lookup is not easy because it implies projecting the X coordinate to a Bezier Curve. This micro library uses fast heuristics (involving dichotomic search, newton-raphson, sampling) to focus on performance and precision.

tweezer.js - A small, dependency-free, ES6 library for smooth animations.

  •    Javascript

A small, dependency-free, ES6 library for smooth animations. Demo. Tweezer.js is the last tweening library you'll ever need. It provides the building blocks for any animation, allowing you to construct beautiful animations simply and without the need of requiring lots of other dependencies like smoothScroll, countUp.js, and GSAP.

Easing Library For Lua


Easing For Lua is a Library which brings easing effects to let you create realistic animations using Lua Programming Langage


  •    Silverlight

agTweener provides a toolkit for Silverlight designers and developers to achieve animation and transition effects similar to toolkits currently available for Flash/Flex developers by defining transition effects in .NET code and applying these effects to any FrameworkElement. ...


  •    CSharp

The main purpose of Tweened is to provide a very simple way to animate any Xaml Objects you want in Silverlight with Tween Equations. To reach this goal you just have to Reference Tweened.dll. It's developed in C# and based on Robert Penner's TweenedEquations.

Artefact Animator

  •    DotNet

Artefact Animator provides an easy to use framework for procedural time-based animations in Silverlight and WPF.


  •    JQuery

Captall is a jQuery plugin that can be used to show a caption over an image or any DOM element.

eases - a grab-bag of modular easing equations

  •    Javascript

This is a grab-bag of Robert Penner's easing equations, most of the code from glsl-easings. Pull requests for optimizations are welcome.Each easing has its own file which can be required individually. The entry point also exports all eases with camelCase, so require('eases/expo-in-out') becomes require('eases').expoInOut.

tweenr - minimal tweening engine

  •    Javascript

Minimal tweening engine which operates on numbers and arrays.I love the simplicity of GreenSock's animation tools, but I don't agree with some of their practices (i.e. polluting tweened objects with variables) and find myself only using a tiny fraction of their entire codebase.

smooth-state - smoothly interpolate state changes over time

  •    Javascript

Create a new state object state given some initial values.Each value can be a number or an array of numbers.

bez - A small jQuery plugin which lets you create easing functions from cubic-bezier co-ordinates.

  •    Javascript

Bez is a small plugin for jQuery which allows you to specify jQuery easing functions as cubic-bezier co-ordinates. You can see Bez in action in my Roto scrolling plugin: http://github.com/rdallasgray/roto.

ease - Easing functions for canvas etc

  •    Javascript

These easing functions were originally written by Robert Penner, and optimized by the tween.js authors. Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Tween.js authors.

paraglider - 🌈 A Slider with parallax API

  •    Javascript

Paraglider is an API driven slider. It exposes a timeline and offers some options. This gives developers a lot of freedom when implementing a slider. The main purpose for this plugin is to create slideshows with a parallax effect.

bezier-easing-editor - Cubic Bezier Curve editor made with React & SVG

  •    Javascript

Cubic Bezier Curve editor made with React & SVG. bezier-easing-editor allows to be Controlled: you have to provide value and an onChange handler to enable the edition.

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