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detox - Gray Box End-to-End Testing and Automation Framework for Mobile Apps

  •    Javascript

Gray box end-to-end testing and automation library for mobile apps. High velocity native mobile development requires us to adopt continuous integration workflows, which means our reliance on manual QA has to drop significantly. Detox tests your mobile app while it's running in a real device/simulator, interacting with it just like a real user.

react-shopping-cart - 🛍️ Simple ecommerce cart application built with React Redux

  •    Javascript

This simple shopping cart prototype shows how React components and Redux can be used to build a friendly user experience with instant visual updates and scaleable code in ecommerce applications. The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

testing-workshop - A workshop for learning how to test JavaScript applications

  •    Javascript

👋 hi there! My name is Kent C. Dodds! This is a workshop repo to teach you about testing JavaScript applications.Big thanks to the RealWorld project from GoThinkster. This project is a copy of the Node implementation and the React implementation of the RealWorld project.

vue-build - Ultra Simple, Development, Testing and Production Build Cli

  •    Javascript

The build process is one of the most frustrating things about front end development and cluttering up your app with a bunch of config and packages you rarely ever need to think about doesn't help either.

testcafe-browser-provider-electron - This is the Electron browser provider plugin for TestCafe

  •    Javascript

Use this plugin to test Electron applications witn TestCafe.If your JavaScript application runs in Electron, follow these steps to set up testing.

angular1-webpack-starter - Component based Angular(1.x) web development with Webpack and ES6.

  •    Javascript

A starter project using Angular 1.x with Webpack. A Webpack + ES6 re-implementation of the generator-aio-angular project. Still wanna use Gulp + ES5? Check the generator-aio-angular project.

hounds - Release the hounds and smoke test any site

  •    Javascript

Release the hounds and smoke test any site. Sanity check after a large refactor, or plug into your CI tool of choice. The beasts will follow all links (internal or otherwise) and round up any uncaught page errors. As a seamless unit, they will scour the field for their quarry by spanning out, containing an area, and expanding (breadth-first search).

react-native-e2etest - React Native example project to execute e2e tests with Appium and Jest

  •    Objective-C

This is an example application to execute end to end tests for react native with appium and jest. To run tests with appium you first need to spawn a server your web driver is able to talk with.

npm-registry-browser - Browse the npm registry with an SPA made in React, with full dev workflow.

  •    Javascript

The hard part is often to be able to put all those together. This is the goal of this project: provide a well-documented example of a front-end app with real-world features and constraints. 📔 Read the blog post where I explain why I made the project.

mtest - Verifying openebs much before it is run in production

  •    Go

Mtest will cater to various testing needs of openebs projects. Mtest can be easily guided to try out a particular customer use case. On a simpler scheme of things Mtest will be used during CI runs. An operator should be able to create or update a test case with ease. She should be able to infer the results of above executed test case as well.

litmus - Litmus is chaos engineering for stateful workloads on Kubernetes, hopefully without learning curves

  •    Go

Litmus is chaos engineering for stateful workloads on Kubernetes -> hopefully without learning curves. Our vision includes enabling end users to quickly specify needed scenarios using English descriptions. The primary objective of Litmus is to ensure a consistent and reliable behavior of workloads running in Kubernetes. It also aims to catch hard-to-test bugs and unacceptable behaviors before users do. Litmus strives to detect real-world issues which escape during unit and integration tests.

cypress-example-kitchensink - This is an example app used to showcase Cypress.io testing.

  •    HTML

This is an example app used to showcase Cypress.io testing. The application uses every API command in Cypress for demonstration purposes. Additionally this example app is configured to run tests in various CI platforms. The tests are also heavily commented. For a full reference of our documentation, go to docs.cypress.io. To see the kitchen sink application, visit example.cypress.io.

cypress-example-recipes - Various recipes for testing common scenarios with Cypress

  •    Javascript

This repo contains various recipes for testing common scenarios in your application using Cypress.

cypress-example-todomvc - The official TodoMVC tests written in Cypress.

  •    Javascript

This repo contains an example React App, with the tests written in Cypress. Additionally this example app is configured to run tests in Circle CI and Travis CI.

Aniber - An e2e testing tool presets powered by Selenium and Nightwatch.

  •    Javascript

Aniber is an e2e testing tool presets powered by Selenium and Nightwatch. © 2016 LancerComet. is an e2e testing tool presets powered by Selenium and Nightwatch. It's standalone and you can test anything you want to any site.

e2e-harness - Harness for custom kubernetes e2e testing.

  •    Go

Harness for custom kubernetes e2e testing. The goal of the project is making it easy to design and run e2e tests for kubernetes components. We have great tools for local development, like minikube, but the tests and results obtained using them are difficult to replicate on a CI environment.

saloon - An E2E test seeder for enterprise web applications

  •    Javascript

Seeding enterprise test data is hard 😭. There are multiple database types, so you can't use a simple DB seeder. Then throw in parent/child resource relationships and microservices, and seeding an E2E account becomes near impossible to pull off and even harder to maintain. Saloon is a Javascript library that can be consumed via a test framework or run directly as a command line tool. The framework supplies two pieces to the engine: 1) API "definitions", which tell the engine how and where to create each resource, and 2) personas, which are JSON schema trees showing parent/child relationships of all of an application's resources and params for each.