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podinfo - Go microservice template for Kubernetes

  •    Go

Podinfo is a tiny web application made with Go that showcases best practices of running microservices in Kubernetes. Podinfo is used by CNCF projects like Flux and Flagger for end-to-end testing and workshops. To access the Swagger UI open <podinfo-host>/swagger/index.html in a browser.

Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API

  •    Typescript

Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. Headless execution is supported for all the browsers on all platforms.

panther - A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP and Symfony

  •    PHP

Panther is a convenient standalone library to scrape websites and to run end-to-end tests using real browsers. Panther is super powerful, it leverages the W3C's WebDriver protocol to drive native web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

awesome-quality-assurance-roadmap - :books: The starting point of your career as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer | Quality Automation Engineer :books:


Testing is an essential phase in any product life cycle; whether if it's a food, cars, or software production line, the outcomes should match what's expected and meet, satisfy the need that we created the product for. Having a solid base of understanding how the software components work and integrate with each other as well as gaining the skills of breaking things is an essential skill-set for any QA engineer. Software testing is the art of investigating the software and finding any unintended behavior that might generate undesired scenarios.

typescript-clean-architecture - It is my attempt to create Clean Architecture based application in TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

It is my attempt to create Clean Architecture based application in Typescript. IPoster is a simple fictional application that allows users to publish posts.

burnside - Fast and Reliable E2E Web Testing with only Javascript

  •    Javascript

Burnside is an easy to use, modular, and extendable End to End (E2E) testing tool. Burnside leverages the flexibility of JavaScript and the power of modern Browser APIs to inject logic and scripting into your website, without the slowdown of networking for every individual command. Burnside is a modular ecosystem based on a core that runs inside of a Browser. The CLI bundles Karma and Webpack to load your tests within Chrome, but you can use Burnside's core with any Test Runner you'd like to set up.

mest - 契约测试框架。A TypeScript Contract Test for Interface base project.

  •    TypeScript

© 2018 A Phodal Huang's Idea. This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.

hermione - Browser test runner based on mocha and wdio

  •    Javascript

Hermione is a utility for integration testing of web pages using WebdriverIO and Mocha. Hermione provides several features that WebdriverIO doesn't, and makes the testing process easier.

protractor-test-helper - Helper functions to make e2e testing with protractor more fun

  •    TypeScript

This library provides functions which help to create robust and reliable end-to-end tests with protractor and reduces the pain of end-to-end tests to a minimum. All provided action helpers perform checks that the element is in the correct state before the actual task is performed. For more examples please have a look into the test folder.

spawn - Spawn Go binary from its TestMain for end-to-end tests

  •    Go

A utility package that makes writing end-to-end tests for Go servers easier. It spawns your program from its TestMain, so that you can interact with it from your tests.

protractor-cucumber-serenity-typescript-starter - :snowman: Protractor cucumber boilerplate with serenity reporting with extensive react support

  •    TypeScript

Please Install all the VS code plugins recommended in Project settings (.vscode > extensions.json). Once you open the starter project in your VS Code for the first time, wizard will show you the recommended extensions. Click "Install All" and once the installation is successful, restart VS Code IDE.

jest-process-manager - Starts a server before the Jest tests and tears it down after.

  •    TypeScript

This project was forked because the package jest-dev-server is no longer maintained. Starts a server before your Jest tests and tears it down after.

clet - Command Line E2E Testing

  •    Javascript

CLET aims to make end-to-end testing for command-line apps as simple as possible. Inspired by coffee and nixt.

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