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Mailpile - A free & open modern, fast email client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features

  •    Python

Mailpile (https://www.mailpile.is/) is a modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features. The development of Mailpile is funded by a large community of backers and all code related to the project is and will be released under an OSI approved Free Software license. Mailpile places great emphasis on providing a clean, elegant user interface and pleasant user experience. In particular, Mailpile aims to make it easy and convenient to receive and send PGP encrypted or signed e-mail.

Cypht - Lightweight Open Source webmail written in PHP and JavaScript

  •    PHP

All your E-mail, from all your accounts, in one place. Cypht is not your father's webmail. Unless you are one of my daughters, in which case it is your father's webmail. Cypht is like a news reader, but for E-mail. Cypht does not replace your existing accounts - it combines them into one. And it's also a news reader..

tinnef - Ruby wrapper for "tnef"

  •    Ruby

This gem handles e-mail attachments packaged in the Microsoft "application/ms-tnef" MIME type. It's a Ruby wrapper for the tnef converter.

convey - Convey (CSV processing)

  •    Python

A tool for information conveying – CSV swiss knife brought by CSIRT.cz. Convenable way to process large files that might freeze your spreadsheet processor. Parameter [filename] is the path to CSV source file. If not present, script asks for it.