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Project-voldemort - A distributed database, Clone of Amazon's Dynamo

Voldemort is a distributed key-value storage system. Data is automatically replicated over multiple servers. Data is automatically partitioned so each server contains only a subset of the total data. Server failure is handled transparently. It is used at LinkedIn for certain high-scalability storage problems where simple functional partitioning is not sufficient.

dynalite - An implementation of Amazon's DynamoDB built on LevelDB

An implementation of Amazon's DynamoDB, focussed on correctness and performance, and built on LevelDB (well, @rvagg's awesome LevelUP to be precise).This project aims to match the live DynamoDB instances as closely as possible (and is tested against them in various regions), including all limits and error messages.

dynamo-table - A lightweight module to map JS objects and queries to DynamoDB tables

A lightweight module to map JS objects and queries to DynamoDB tables (supports the latest API version, 2012-08-10).This builds upon the dynamo-client module, although any client that supports a simple request method will also work.

lease - Generic lease implementation using DynamoDB

A generic leasing implementation of the Amazon-KCL.lease package. ideal for manage and partition work across a fleet of workers.Lease type contains data pertianing to a lease. Distributed systems may use leases to partition work across a fleet of workers. Each unit of work (identified by a leaseKey) has a corresponding Lease. Every worker will contend for all leases - only one worker will successfully take each one. The worker should hold the lease until it is ready to stop processing the corresponding unit of work, or until it fails. When the worker stops holding the lease, another worker will take and hold the lease.

dynamite - A promise-based DynamoDB client

Dynamite is a promise-based DynamoDB client. It was created to address performance issues in our previous DynamoDB client. Dynamite will almost always comply with the latest DynamoDB spec on Amazon.If a region key is not provided in the options hash but a endpoint key is present, Dynamite will try to infer the region from the host key.

local-dynamo - A Node.js wrapper of AWS DynamoDB Local and utilities

This is a thin wrapper of the AWS DynamoDB Local. You can start the DynamoDB Local within a Node.js program and easily specify where the database files should be.Here is a list of the versions DynamoDB Local that local-dynamo uses.

dynamo - DynamoDB client for node.js

Please use Amazon's SDK for node.js instead. This module exposes the createClient method, which is the preferred way to interact with dynamo.

dynamo-client - A low-level client for accessing DynamoDB from node.js

This is a low-level client for accessing DynamoDB from node.js. It offers a simpler and more node-friendly API than Amazon's SDK, in the style of @mikeal's popular request library. The official region list can be found in the AWS documentation.

dynamo-streams - A stream-flavored wrapper for the AWS DynamoDB JavaScript API

A DynamoDB stream interface for the JavaScript aws-sdk library. Extends the existing DynamoDB instance with the following stream methods. All methods encode/decode DynamoDB types (such as S, N, and B) automatically.

node-magneto - An in memory DynamoDB emulator in node.js.

A port of fake dynamo to node.js. Very handy for just getting to know dynamo or making your tests easier to deal with.