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atlas - A powerful Android Dynamic Component Framework.

A powerful Android Dynamic Component Framework.Atlas is an Android client-side containerization framework. we call it android dynamic component framework.

aesthetic - [BETA] A fast and easy to use plug-and-play dynamic theme engine

Aesthetic is an easy to use, fast, Rx-powered theme engine for Android applications.You can download an APK of the sample project.

jQuery-Mapael - jQuery plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps

The complete documentation is available on Mapael website (repository: 'neveldo/mapael-documentation').Additional maps are stored in the repository 'neveldo/mapael-maps'.

Reflection - Advanced Swift reflection including dynamic construction of types.

Reflection provides an API for advanced reflection at runtime including dynamic construction of types.If you need any help you can join our Slack and go to the #help channel. Or you can create a Github issue in our main repository. When stating your issue be sure to add enough details, specify what module is causing the problem and reproduction steps.

babel-plugin-dynamic-import-webpack - Babel plugin to transpile import() to require

Babel plugin to transpile import() to require.ensure, for Webpack.Note that Webpack 2 has gotten import() after this code was written.


NoMvvm is the bleeding edge of MVVM. Who wants to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or properties, let's use dynamic! NoMvvm makes heavy use of System.Dynamic and conventions to minimalize the code needed to hook up the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It also enables TDD via t...


DOP (Dynamic Object Proxy) é uma biblioteca que permite que qualquer método de qualquer objeto possa ser interceptado através de um proxy dinâmico. Ao interceptar um método, pode-se decorar o objeto, alterando ou recuperando informações sobre o seu comportamento. Extremamente ...

Dynamic Patterns

Dynamic Patterns is a library that contains classes and methods for working with multiple objects.


DynamicAspect is a lightweight dynamic aspect that uses .net 4 dynamic feature to weave advices into target methods dynamically in runtime, there is not a limitation of un-sealed class or interface required in DynamicAspect.

ElasticObject - An expandable dynamic object for .NET 4.0

A dynamic ElasticObject implementation using .NET 4.0 dynamic features, for fluent access of data types like XML - Access XML <entry name="user"/> via fluent dynamic wrappers, like var n=entry.name; - You can also use it like ExpandoObject, with multi level property support


dynamic json structure for C# 4.0.


DynamicToSql is a lightweight API that maps dynamically typed entities to a database and vice versa. It works against any database that has ADO.NET drivers.

PrepareQuery for MVC

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ASP.NET MVC Dynamic Forms

Class library to create dynamic forms in ASP.NET MVC.

MSBuild Extension Pack

The MSBuild Extension Pack provides a collection of over 480 MSBuild Tasks, MSBuild Loggers and MSBuild TaskFactories.

WPF Dynamic User Interface - The Business Application Library

WPFDynamicUI makes it easier to create Line Of Business Application. Automatic User interface for your models. The API Developed in C# WPF stack

Dynamic Reflection Library

The Dynamic Reflection Library is a small set of classes designed to greatly speed the use of .Net reflection to call constructors, member methods, property setters and getters including those with indexing arguments such as the Item (a.k.a. [] operator), and fields. It includ...

Toast (for ASP.NET MVC)

Dynamic, developer & designer friendly content injection, compression and optimization for ASP.NET MVC