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textract - node

  •    HTML

A text extraction node module. In almost all cases above, what textract cares about is the mime type. So .html and .htm, both possessing the same mime type, will be extracted. Other extensions that share mime types with those above should also extract successfully. For example, application/vnd.ms-excel is the mime type for .xls, but also for 5 other file types.

.net dxf Reader-Writer


netDxf is a .net library programmed in C# to read and write dxf ASCII files.

LibreCAD_3 - LibreCAD 3 is a next generation 2D CAD application written to be modular, with a core independent from GUI toolkits

  •    C++

LibreCAD 3 development (GSoC 2014) This is the new LibreCAD Kernel. With keeping in mind the extensibilty, modularity and the design, the LibreCAD is divided into 3 parts. If you like X-Code as your editor you can ask cmake to generate the build file for you. mkdir xcode cd build cmake -G Xcode ..

dxf-ruby - Tools for working with the popular DXF file format

  •    Ruby

Copyright 2012-2016 Brandon Fosdick bfoz@bfoz.net and released under the BSD license.

node-dxf - Parse DXF files to get polygons and text elements.

  •    Javascript

Parse DXF files to get polygons and text elements. node-dxf will give you 4 outputs a.t.m. Layers, polygons, texts and mappings. Layers, polygons and texts should be clear, just run the test to get a better understanding or look at the following sample. Mappings are potential relations between text elements and polygons. node-dxf tests whether a text element lies inside a polygon, if so it creates a potential mapping. The mappings-Array contains the potential mappings.

dxf - DXF parser for node/browser

  •    Javascript

DXF parser for node/browser. Uses several ES6 features in the source code (import, classes, let, const, arrows) but is packaged using babel so you can use it legacy JS environments.

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