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gulp-dust - Precompile Dust templates

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Dust issue tracker.You can override the default behavior by supplying a function which gets the current File object and is expected to return the name.

hapi-dust - hapi compatibility for dust.js

  •    Javascript

If you're using dustjs-linkedin, hapi-dust will also try to load dustjs-helpers, which you'll also need to install if you want helpers support.

grunt-dust-html - A grunt.js task to render Dust templates against a context & produce HTML

  •    Javascript

This task renders Dust templates against a context to produce HTML. Lastly, add the configuration settings (see below) to your grunt file.

ashes - ⚱️ Lightweight, self-contained templating for Python 2 and 3, a la Dust templates

  •    Python

Dust templating for Python 2 and 3. Also the most convenient, portable, and powerful command-line templating utility. There's also built-in bottle.py support, which works exactly like bottle's own template() function and view() decorator.

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